9 Month Old Baby Photography

Do you have a child under the age of 1? If so, you may be interested in our baby plan! Our baby plan will photograph your child as a newborn, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months. On your baby’s first birthday, we will also schedule an amazing cake smash! Contact us today for more information.


9 Month Old Photo Session

We love to photograph babies at different developmental stages. The reason for this is because they change so much between birth and 1 year old and because they are just so darn cute! We love Grayson. We are so excited that his parents brought him to us again for his 9 month old baby photography session. If you missed Grayson’s 6 month old photography session, you can view it here.

Here is one picture from Grayson’s 6 month old photo session.


Six Month Old Baby Pictures

As a newborn we love to capture your sweet baby sleeping. At that age we can mold and pose a newborn to our liking. At 3 months old usually we will photograph our babies laying on their tummy, laying on their back or with mom or dad holding them. We also have special photography props that help pose a baby at this age. At 6 months old, some children are able to sit up so we will photograph them that way. If they aren’t able to sit, we can prop them up to take adorable baby pictures. At 9 months old, they have become much more sturdy. Sitting in no problem, crawling is a must and standing with support works great when photographing them.

So as you can see, there are many reasons to capture your precious baby in the first year of their life! Here is a great guide to your baby’s developmental stages.


9 Month Old Baby Boy

Outdoor Children’s Photography Session

We began our photo shoot outdoors at a nearby park. We love to incorporate the surroundings of the beautiful outdoors. Color, texture and depth in images create beautiful visual interest. Grayson was dressed so handsomely, that a vintage feel to his photos fit the bill perfectly.


9 Month Old Photo Session


9 Month Old Baby Grayson

The problem with photographing children, outdoors, in a park, in January is, it tends to be a bit cold. The result of that is this image below.


Done With Outside – Grayson

No worries! That is exactly why we are thankful to have a full photography studio. When it is too cold outside, we just move inside.

This is what happened when we moved to our warm, climate controlled, photography studio.


Happy Grayson

Happy 9 month birthday Grayson! I promise when you turn 1 it will be much warmer outside!

If you have a child that you would love for us to photograph, contact us today for more information!

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