Chrysler Museum Wedding – Theresa & Victor

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Chrysler Museum Wedding - Theresa & Victor

Bride & Groom on Vintage Rolls Royce

 Chrysler Museum Wedding Day Slideshow

Theresa and Victor had an incredible wedding day. To find out more about their wedding day details you can view their previous post here. It was a perfect wedding day. Perfect venues, perfect planning and perfect bride and groom.

Once the wedding day is over, we love showing everyone a recap of the entire day. We do that with our wedding day slideshow.

Take a glimpse into Theresa and Victor’s, Chrysler Museum, perfect wedding day.

Wedding Details Photos

Every wedding has wedding details. It is our job to capture them all beautifully. When we arrive to where all the bride and groom preparation is happening, we spend about 30 minutes photographing details. If you stop by the previous post of Theresa and Victor you will see more wedding details photos.

We just loved this display from Ted Martinez Events. When you have your wedding day details displayed like this, it makes our job really easy as a photographer.

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Bride and Groom Exchanging Gifts Photos

At most of our weddings today the bride and groom exchange gifts. This tradition is done privately, meaning that they send the gift via someone in the wedding party or family. This is always a very memorable part of the wedding day. It is a time that we can always count on real emotion in our wedding photos. Here are just a few from the bride and groom gift exchange.

The Groom’s Gift to the Bride


Wedding Day Letter to the Bride from the Groom

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Bride’s Reaction to Groom’s Wedding Day Letter

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The Bride’s Gift to the Groom


Groom’s Wedding Day Card from Bride


Groom Reading Wedding Day Card from Bride


Groom is Emotional Reading Wedding Day Card from Bride


Grooms Wedding Day Gift From Bride

Filipino Wedding Ceremony Traditions Photos

There are many beautiful traditions in a Filipino wedding ceremony. Maybe you have attended one, but don’t fully understand all of the wedding traditions. You can read more about the Filipino traditions here.

Here are a few more of Theresa and Victor’s wedding ceremony photos.


Filipino Cord and Veil Ceremony


Filipino Wedding Ceremony


Filipino Catholic Wedding Ceremony


Bride and Groom Praying


Cord and Veil Ceremony


Wedding Ring Exchange

Wedding Day Pictures

We have so many favorite wedding day photos from Theresa and Victor that we can’t post them all. Make sure that you view their wedding day slideshow above to view more of their pictures. You can also visit their previous blog post as well.


Trendy Groomsmen Socks

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Bride and Groom Selfie

What would we do without the Bride and Groom selfie?


Bride and Groom Selfie

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