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Urban Engagement Session

Engagement Sessions

Who doesn’t love a great engagement session? We love the opportunity to photograph a beautiful couple in a beautiful area which equates to beautiful engagement pictures.

Meet Laura and Alex. They are both dear to us. They are not only our clients, but they are more like family. Alex is a mate for Finao Sportfishing. This may not be special to you, but it is to us. Finao Sportfishing is our son’s charter business and he and Alex are like two peas in a pod. We have come to love and appreciate Alex’s friendship and his love for fishing. We also appreciate his love for Laura.

Alex was diagnosed with cancer just a few months ago. You can read a recent newspaper article about him here.

With the onset of his treatment, Laura and Alex thought it would be best to photograph them before he started his treatment.


Urban Engagement Session


Engagement Session in an Urban Area


Engagement Session in Historic Area

Our studio is located in the beautiful historic district of W. Freemason. We love to walk outside of the studio and use all of the beautiful backgrounds our area provides.

Right in front of our photography studio we have cobblestone streets. The streets are lined with gorgeous iron fences and ivy.

We walk across the street and there we find great textures as backgrounds.

As photographers we are always looking for great light and great backgrounds. Color, texture and variation in color provide the perfect background in photos.

Sunset Engagement Photos

As we stroll down the street, we dead end into the Elizabeth River. What a perfect backdrop for romantic engagement pictures.

We often schedule all of our photography sessions at sunset. Sunset provides the most gorgeous light of the day, especially for photographers.
We are looking forward to Alex being completely healed from cancer and Laura and Alex’s big wedding day!


Engagement Photo at Sunset on the River


Engagement Photo at Sunset


Engagement Session at Sunset

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