Trash the Dress

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Trash the Dress: Creative Wedding Photography and Prom Photography

When it comes to wedding photography, Hayne Photographers “trash the dress” session takes the cake! Inspired by high end fashion photography, a trash the dress photo shoot is as much fun as you can have in your wedding or prom dress. Well…almost!

Trash the Dress wedding photography or Trash the Dress prom photography can be part of your engagement photography or senior portrait session. It’s often done after the wedding as well as part of what we call an “after shoot”. If the Trash the Dress is done in your prom dress, we can include that in your senior portrait session.

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Trash the Dress sessions aren’t just for brides either. Grooms get in on the action as well as women who just want to have a really fun and unique photography session. View our other Trash the Dress gallery.

As you can see from our portfolio, we’ve done this type of creative wedding photography all over the US: from Alaska to Aruba and from California to Virginia. We’re local to downtown Norfolk, and Virginia Beach, Virginia and many of our photos feature our lovely beaches.

Virginia Beach lends itself perfectly to this creative wedding photography style. And, downtown Norfolk is a great urban backdrop that gives a completely different, energetic feel to your photo shoot.

Do Brides Actually Trash Their Dress?

Some do! Of course, getting a smudge on your wedding dress or getting it wet before the wedding would be a nightmare for any bride. Brides that wear their actual wedding dress go for this photography shoot after the big day.

Of course, most of the dresses aren’t the actual wedding dress. Whew!

Either way, the dramatic images that come out of Hayne Photographers creative wedding photography can’t be matched; there’s nothing else like them. And, it’s so much fun! See our trash the dress video to view an entire photo session of one of our brides.

When Should I Have My Trash the Dress Session?

Before or after your wedding is a great time for a trash the dress session. We’ve had brides who have come back for “after shoots” for their anniversary. So, if your wedding is past and you wish you could have photos like these, do it for your anniversary! What a wonderful first or even 10th anniversary gift to each other!

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