Virginia Beach Wedding

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Welcome to our Virginia Beach wedding photography portfolio. Here you’ll find be photos from a single wedding. If you’d like to see photos from a variety of weddings, we invite to take a look at our wedding and couples portfolio, destination wedding portfolio and our blog. You’ll see hundreds of wedding photos that we’ve taken in Virginia and around the world.

Brides often want have questions when hiring a wedding photographer. We advise our brides to look at entire wedding albums that your photographer has photographed. This gives you a snapshot of what you’re wedding photography could look like. Almost anyone can produce one or two good photos, but viewing an album really tells the story!

The Virginia Beach wedding photography you see here has been featured in Virginia Wedding Locations Magazine. The photos have also received great press from blogs and websites. We wish we could show all of the photos from this vintage themed wedding. But, there are so many photos that if we can’t fit them all on one webpage!

This portfolio contains only 75 photos from the wedding. Even so, you’ll get a good view of the wedding, reception and bridal portraits. When you visit our studio, we’ll show you the entire albums from this wedding. Plus, we can show you even more Virginia Beach wedding photography, along with entire wedding albums photographed throughout Virginia.

What Makes Our Virginia Beach Wedding Photography Different?

No matter your wedding style, whether casual or formal, every bride dreams that her wedding day will be perfect. You wedding photos will last a life time. We understand how important it is to capture every detail. Photographing the details in a way that expresses your style and personality is what we do best.

Every wedding is extremely unique. Some have big budgets, and others have modest budgets. However, every wedding we photograph looks like a million dollar wedding. Why? Because that’s what the best wedding photographers do!

Our wedding photography is different because Scott, Adina and the Hayne Photographers team have spent countless hours studying the craft. We’ve instructed throughout the US. The techniques we use in photo composition, photo editing, lighting, and photographic technology combine to create photographs that are unique to us. Also, we use the best equipment available to produce the highest quality images.

Even with the right skills and technology, there’s something about great photography that can’t be quantified. Scott’s award-winning, distinctive style is what makes Hayne wedding photography unique. See our portfolios and see the difference for yourself.

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