Greek Orthodox Wedding

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Bride and Groom Snuggling in Church Pew

Wedding Photography

Every wedding, no matter the traditions, begin the same way. That would be with wedding detail photos. The wedding dress, the wedding shoes, the bridal bouquet, the stunning bride, we photograph it all.


Beautiful Bridal Shoes

Gorgeous Bridal Bouquet

Stunning Bride


Wedding Day Preparation Excitement!

First Look Wedding Photos

Many of our bride and grooms choose to have a first look on their wedding day. Here is a cute article on 75 Reasons to Have a First Look on your Wedding Day.

For our couples, a first look tends to help them relax before the hectic-ness of a wedding day. It tends to calm the butterflies. No matter how well you are prepared, every bride seems to get a few butterflies!


First Look

Greek Orthodox Wedding Photography


Crowning Ceremony

We love photographing all different types of religious weddings. All come with different wedding traditions. To be able to capture all of the important traditions and elements of a wedding ceremony, you must know those traditions before you arrive. There are many different religious elements that go with the different religions.

If you are going to be a Greek Orthodox Wedding photographer you will need to understand the specific traditions of the ceremony. Some of the traditions that you will need to capture are the joining of hands, the crowning, the common cup, the ceremonial walk, the procession and the removal of the crowns and the benediction. Then there is of course, everything in between. If you are going to be photographing a Greek Orthodox Wedding, you may find out more about the traditions here.


Father and Bride Processional


Traditional Greek Orthodox Wedding


Greek Orthodox Wedding Processional


Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony


Green Orthodox Wedding Ceremony

Beautiful Bridesmaid Bouquets

Wedding Ceremony Kiss

If you are a wedding photographer and need a reference for “must have wedding day photos“, we can help!

Private Portrait Time with the Bridal Party and the Bride and Groom

It is very important to our clients, and to us as photographers, to spend some quality time taking portraits on a wedding day. Just a quick 30 minutes will give us the time that we need to capture portraits that they will never forget. It is time well spent and time never regretted. For us, this private portrait time generally happens during cocktail hour.


Cute Bride and Groom Shoe Photo


Bride and Groom Kiss


Epic Bride and Bridesmaid’s Photo


Bride and Groom in Orthodox Church


Cool Bride and Groom Photo


Bride and Groom Resting at the Cafe

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