Keswick Vineyards Wedding

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Keswick Vineyards Wedding

 Vineyard Wedding Photography

Lauren and Brandon choose a stunning location for their wedding. They were married at the Keswick Vineyards in Charlottesville, Virginia. Located in the heart of Virginia’s wine country and on the Monticello wine trail lies this historic site that is the Edgewood Estate. This location is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers a breathtaking view of the vineyards as well as the rolling mountains that surround the estate.


Bride and Groom in the Vineyard


Keswick Vineyards Manor House


Keswick Vineyards Manor House Fountain

Wedding Detail Photography

Wedding details are important to capture on a wedding day. We love capturing the wedding details in a creative way. We love to use different lenses and different angles to create unique wedding detail photos.

There is so much time and effort put into every bride and groom’s wedding day, we want to make sure that we capture all of the details beautifully.


Wedding Rings


Wedding Ring Photo

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Wedding Preparation Photos

We began this wedding day photographing both Lauren and Brandon. They got ready in the beautiful carriage house. We love to capture the bride and groom getting ready. It is such an exciting time as they are anxious about the wedding day.


Bride Putting On Wedding Jewelry


Groom Getting Ready

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First Look Photos

First look wedding photos are always so much fun for us. When a bride and groom decide on a first look on their wedding day we get super excited about the wedding images that we will capture.

If you are unfamiliar with the wedding term “first look”, it is a scheduled private meeting of the first time the bride and groom see each other before their wedding ceremony.

Why Should You Have a First Look on your Wedding Day?

We certainly honor our bride in groom whether they decide they want a first look on their wedding day or if they want to wait to see each other for the first time at their wedding ceremony. From experience, I will tell you some of the advantages that I have personally seen by having a first look.

1. The wedding day jitters are resolved. There is something almost miraculous when a bride and groom see each other during a first look. As soon as they are embraced by their loved one, all the wedding day jitters are subsided. When I think back to that famous movie quote from Jerry Maguire, it is the perfect reason why this happens.

2. Real emotion. Often during a wedding ceremony the groom’s emotions are on display for all to see. We often find that they are more reserved when they see their bride for the first time during the wedding ceremony, however, at a first look, that can let down their guard.

3. More time after the ceremony.Once we have taken time during the first look to capture some amazing candids and amazing portraits, we often move on to family portraits. When we capture the family portraits before the ceremony it gives families more time to enjoy their friends and family after the ceremony.

4. Better lighting. This is not always the case, however, it is certainly something to be considered if you are having your wedding ceremony close to sunset. This allows us to capture stunning outdoor wedding portraits in perfect light.



Groom Waiting in Vineyard


Bride Walking to Meet Groom for First Look


Approaching First Look in Vineyard


No Fair Peeking!

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Bride and Groom Private Wedding Day Portraits

A beautiful bride and groom and a beautiful Keswick Vineyards Wedding equals stunning bride and groom portraits. You can’t go wrong when you have beautiful people and a beautiful location, right?


Bride and Groom at Keswick Vineyards


Bride and Groom at Manor House


Bride and Groom Dancing by the Pool House

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Bride and Groom by Beautiful Keswick Vineyards Fountain

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Bridal Party at Keswick Vineyards