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No Rules Photography Workshops

Our “No Rules” workshops cover a broad range of subjects to meet the needs of beginners who want to learn photography and veteran photographers with years of shooting under their belt.  There is something for everyone!

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Hayne Photographers No Rules Workshop: See the video!


What will I learn during a “No Rules” photography workshop?

What you will learn depends on what you already know.  Make sure you choose a class that you believe will be at an appropriate level for you as we cover the basics through the most complex subjects.  All of our workshops have a detailed description to help you decide whether it is the right one for you. Here’s just a few of the workshops we present regularly:

Photography 101 (Basic)

An introduction to how your camera works and what all those buttons do!  We also touch on creating a well composed and well lit, captured image.


Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop tips and tricks are demonstrated to help you improve your workflow and introduce you to our unique editing style,

Shooting Workshop(Intermediate)

Follow us on a real photo shoot on location and in studio so you can see how a typical shoot flows.  Bring your cameras as you can shoot right along with us as we explain every detail of the shoot.

Off-Camera Flash(advanced)

An introduction and demonstration of our signature outdoor lighting style using radio triggers and high speed synch flashes.

Studio Lighting (advanced)

Studio shooting is explained thoroughly where students can use our full featured studio lighting, props and backgrounds.

The Business of Photography(intermediate)

We delve into the intricacies of starting and making your business profitable.  Marketing, sales and business strategies are discussed in this inter-active workshop.

Image Critique (basic)

Bring your best (and worst) images for critique. We all learn from each others images.  We can also evaluate your website and marketing material.

1-on-1 Mentoring(variable)

Have a specific need? Then choose a photography mentoring 1-on-1 session where we will address your specific issues.  Mentoring time is yours to use as you need!

Shoot Specific Workshops(variable)

We will schedule specific shoots including, newborns, pets, seniors, maternity, engagements and others.  We will focus on how we shoot that specific kind of shoo

Do I need to be an experienced photographer to sign up for a “No Rules” Workshop?

Not at all!  None of our workshops have prerequisites so you can attend any workshop that appeals to you.  When our workshop starts we all introduce ourselves and we adjust our teaching style to ensure that everyone receives something from the class.  There are many opportunities to answer specific questions throughout the workshop.

Who are the photography instructors?

All of the photography classes are presented by Scott Hayne, a PPA certified Photographic Craftsman. Adina helps present the photography business workshops.  Learn more about Scott and Adina.

Where does the “No Rules Workshop” take place?

We speak nationwide so our No Rules Workshop may be coming to you!

We instruct regularly at many of the national conventions including: Imaging, WPPI, SYNC. We presentation to thousands of attendees.  Many state conventions host our workshops as well as week long schools such as MAIPP, Winona School, and After Dark.  We are always hosting workshops our studio, an 1800 square foot studio in Norfolk, VA where we can fit up to 100 people in some of our classes.

What’s a typical workshop day look like?

We briefly introduce ourselves along with introductions of the attendees.

Presentations are conducted on our 12 foot theater screen, making it easy for you to follow along as Scott instructs on editing images or discusses detailed subjects. After a bit of classroom work there is usually some shooting involved where you can participate and use the techniques discussed.

Depending on the length of the class, there are numerous breaks for open questions and interaction with Scott, Adina and fellow classmates.  The interactive environment encourages learning and helps attendees explore new concepts. You can expect to leave with valuable tools to become a better photographer.

What are some other tools available to me to learn photography from Scott Hayne?

A full line of digital and hands-on tools are available for purchase and download through  Digital photography courses cover a variety of subjects:

Posing guides – Some of our favorite images with detailed information (settings, gears, lighting, posing hints, etc.) along with instruction on how to set up that shot yourself.

Editing tools – Adobe Lightroom presets to add creative edits to your workflow along with Adobe Photoshop textures to create vintage looks that will “wow” your clients.  All these include a 30 minute video of Scott installing and using these tools.

Marketing kits – All of our pricing guides, marketing flyers, sample templates for many unique products, e-mail forms and much more.  These will get your wedding or portrait business off on the right foot!

Off-camera Flash DVD – a full video production of Scott breaking down the details of how to use this exciting new lighting technique.  A full hour of setup and demonstration along with bonus behind the scenes content.

Coming soon- In class video of each of our workshops to watch at your leisure on your computer or smart device.  Want to bring the workshop to you?  This is the way to do it!

We are always adding more tools! Check our website often!

We would love to meet you and help take your photography to the next level.  Sign up for our next workshop coming to you or come to our studio for our next scheduled workshop.  Whether it’s a quick 2-hour class or a full week of instruction we are committed to developing the young photographers and inspiring the veterans alike.

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