Vintage Wedding Photography

Vintage wedding photography is a fun and creative challenge for photographers. Good wedding photography always enhances the bride’s wedding style. The challenge for photographers is to adapt their techniques to different themes; whether the wedding theme is modern, traditional, or vintage.

Vintage Themed Wedding Photography

Vintage Themed Wedding Photography

How to shoot a Vintage Themed Wedding

After consulting with the bride, we sometimes need to change the way we shoot in order to capture the couple’s vision. Such is the case with Hunter & Sharayu’s vintage themed wedding. It is the responsibility of the photographer to illuminate the details and evoke the feeling of the wedding within the images.

Start with good preparation. Weeks before the wedding, gather as many details as possible. Develop a shot list of exactly what the bride and groom want to remember about their wedding day.

With a vintage wedding, there are usually many keepsakes and memorable items. To many, these details may seem simply decorative. To the bride and groom, they may have significant meaning. Ask your bride to describe the items she cherishes before the wedding day so we can capture those elements.

Photographing memorabilia is an important for all weddings. But the volume of items may be more in a vintage style wedding. Here are a few examples of memorabilia photography from Hunter & Sharayu’s wedding.

Virginia Beach Wedding Reception Photography

Virginia Beach Wedding Reception Photography

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Vintage themed weddings may require that you show up early so that you can get the details. This is especially true if the wedding transitions from day to evening.

You’ll get better shots during daylight hours. This may mean adjusting your shooting schedule.  Vintage weddings are a joy to photograph if you’ve prepared well on the front end.

Vintage Lighting Techniques

As opposed to modern weddings, use soft rather than bold lighting for vintage wedding photography. This accentuates the vintage feel and produces pleasing colors.  Ambient daylight will provide the best light.

In a pinch, bounced flash can create surprisingly nice, soft light. Throughout the day, the use of soft light should be the theme to keep with the vintage mood. Learn more about our advanced lighting techniques.

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How to Photograph a Vintage Wedding

Another consideration when photographing a vintage wedding is having the right equipment. The equipment we choose to use for a vintage wedding varies little from a typical wedding.

We always want to show off the details of the bride getting ready. A macro lens will come in handy when photographing dress details and vintage jewelry.

Bridal Photos: Getting Ready

Bridal Photos: Getting Ready

More Vintage Details

vintage-themed-wedding-brideVintage Wedding Dress PhotoBridal Photos: Getting ReadyBridal Photos: Getting ReadyWedding Dress PhotoWedding Dress Photo

In addition, portraits and close-ups that show the venues features as background elements are  always a plus. Take a look at the different shots from Hunter & Sharayu’s recent vintage wedding photography that illustrate this point:

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Vintage Wedding Photography Details

Brides spend countless hours dreaming of wedding details that will impress and create a specific style. When photographing any wedding, ensure that elements of the decor are incorporated in the shots.

Avoid taking shots outside of the venue that do not enhance and support the overall theme. The final portfolio should consistently evoke a vintage wedding theme. Capturing guests with smart phones, modern signage, and other modern elements will weaken the overall wedding album.

The décor should be photographed alone and as a backdrop to guest photographs.

When photographing guests and portraits, make sure the background elements are vintage in nature. This might be as simple as changing the camera angle to crop out an inconsistent element. As you can see, the vintage lights and vintage cars are included in the guest photography of Hunter and Sharayu’s vintage themed wedding.

During the ceremony, a wide-angle lens is nice to encompass the entire venue decor.

Virginia Beach Wedding Reception Photography

Virginia Beach Wedding Reception Photography

Photographing a vintage themed wedding, or any themed wedding, can help you develop your photography skills. You’ll have a huge sense of pride at a job well done if you pay close attention to details, lighting, and composition.

See the portfolio from this Virginia Beach vintage wedding theme.

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