Military Wedding Photographer

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Beautiful Bride and Military Groom

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography can be so much fun and rewarding. Erica and Marty chose us to photograph them for a special occasion. One of the biggest honors we have is to photograph our men and women who are currently serving our country. We love it at as wedding photographer when our military clients wear their uniform. To us there is nothing more honorable! We love serving our clients and we love being a military wedding photographer. After all, the military is what brought Scott and I together 27 years ago!

It is so important to capture great wedding images for our clients. We chose this special location for Erica and Marty. We love the vintage feel that this area has.


Bride and Groom


Vintage House with Bride and Groom

On Location Lighting for a Outdoor Photo Shoot

We have a full photography studio in downtown Norfolk, however many clients request to be photographed on location. As photographers you need to be fully equipped to capture timeless photos no matter if you are photographing in your studio or on location. We always carry state of the art photography equipment. We are always prepared for whatever lighting situations we may encounter. Some of the basic equipment consists of small reflectors to help kick light into the subjects eyes or more complex equipment such as our off camera flash set up.

If you are having problems with on location photographic lighting, or need a couple’s posing guide,  we may be able to help.

Multiple lenses can be a tremendous help when dealing with low light conditions. Along with this we bring along video lighting that can extend the photo shoot past sunset.

When you use the right photographic equipment you can create timeless and unique images. These photos otherwise could not be attempted without the proper on location lighting.


Bride and Groom Kissing at Sunset


Military Bride and Groom in Field at Sunset


Sailor and His Bride

Photo Editing with a Purpose

Creative editing can be a photographers best tool to finish his/her images with a personal touch. The location, and the client, help determine the editing style of our photos. When photographing Erica and Marty at an old farm in the country, our editing favored a more vintage style. The fact that Marty is wearing his military uniform made this shoot seem that is could have taken place 50 years ago.

With the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, the variety of choices that are available to photographers is vast. Some photo shoots call for bright, poppy colors, while others need a black and white or sepia treatment.

Here are some of the editing tools that we use.

Erica and Marty’s photo session lent itself to a vintage tones with texture. This can be accomplished with various filters and treatments in Photoshop.


Bride Kissing Sailor on Cheek


Vintage Bride and Groom


Military Wedding Couple


Vintage Toned Wedding Portrait


Here are a few more of our favorite portraits from Erica and Marty’s photo shoot.


Bride and Groom

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