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Sweet Newborn Photo

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Scheduling Your Newborn Photo Session

When we are talking to parents-to-be about their upcoming newborn we discuss the optimum time to schedule their newborn photography session. We like to photograph our newborn babies from 5-10 days old. When it comes to newborn photography, the term the earlier the better, applies. At less then 2 weeks old, a newborn generally will settle quickly for their photography session.

The age of the newborn, coupled with a warm heater, soft music and soft newborn photography props, the session successful.


Newborn Photography Basket

You may be asking yourself, how can I schedule my newborn photography session when due dates are unpredictable? Well that is easy. When you call the studio to schedule your photo shoot, we will ask for your due date. We will initially schedule your session 5 days after your due date. That gives us a date to hold but of course that date is flexible. Once our clients have delivered their precious newborn, we will ask that dad call the studio to alert us to the arrival of their new bundle of joy. From there we will confirm or change your newborn photography session accordingly.


Newborn Photo with Ladybug Hat and Body

This precious newborn received her ladybug outfit from grandma as a present. She purchased it on Etsy.

Birth Photography

Some parents like the option of having us photograph the birth of their newborn. This is a precious time that will photographically cover the anticipation and arrival of your precious newborn.

Here is a sample of one of our birth photography sessions.

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Birth Photography Slideshow

Birth Photography

Newborn Photos

Here are a few more of our favorite newborn photos from Kayleigh’s newborn photo session.


Newborn Photo in Basket

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Precious Newborn Photo

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