Digital Composites

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Digital Composite Photography

Enjoy our digital photography? Digital composites can be part of your commercial, product, business, family or portrait photography. Contact us for more information.

Digital composites are a very creative way to tell your story. With composites we can create dramatic images that aren’t possible in the natural world.

Maybe you’re looking for commercial photography. You want an image of your sales team running down a busy Manhattan street in the middle of the day. This isn’t possible in traditional photography. But, with composite photography, anything is possible.

Perhaps you’re a performing artist and your band needs a CD cover. You want to show your band playing in front of millions of fans, but you’ve never played such a concert. It’s completely possible with digital composites.

Digital composite photography is simply the process of combining several photographic elements into one image. We use the latest digital editing equipment, along with high quality photography equipment to create incredible images.

Like all our our professional photography, we focus on the client. This means creating images that express who you are and your photographic goals. Our goal is always to exhibit a style that is unique to Hayne Photographers, but displays your unique qualities equally well.

Take a look at our diverse portfolio, and our blog. On the blog you’ll find several single photo sessions. This will give you a glimpse at a more complete body of our work. More importantly, you can discover what your photo session could be like.