Destination Wedding Photography

Finding destination wedding photography is easier than you might think. To guarantee that you get the best wedding photographer, take your photographer with you!

Brides plan destination weddings knowing they’ll experience some of the most breathtaking moments of their lives. Leaving photography to chance isn’t an option!

We have photographed weddings in some of the most scenic places on earth. To help you choose the best wedding photographer for your event, we’ve answered a few questions. We invite you to view our portfolios and learn about what makes our wedding photography different. Contact us about your upcoming wedding and we’ll help you navigate the process of destination wedding photography.

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What are some things I need to know about booking a destination wedding photographer?

Booking a destination wedding photographer should give you peace of mind. One important consideration is knowing that your photographer will be stateside, with you, once the wedding is over. A stateside photographer will alleviate any issues that might arise due to language, cultural or business barriers.

A destination wedding photographer should be aware of and apply for the necessary permits well in advance of the wedding date.  This process can be very tedious. However, you’ll want the peace of mind that your destination photographer can easily negotiate through customs and immigration with the photo equipment necessary to bring your breathtaking images to life.

The cost of a destination wedding photographer should be the same as with any stateside wedding. Of course, there are additional fees to consider including the cost of travel and lodging for your photographer.  It is always recommended that you book your photographer at least 12 months in advance to ensure the passport and visa requirements are properly completed.

I’m getting married in Aruba (or anywhere in the Caribbean). Can I take my photographer with me? 

Yes. There are many photographers that specialize in destination wedding photography, especially to the Caribbean.

We have photographed destination weddings from Alaska to Aruba and from California to Virginia (plus many more destinations). It’s important to recognize the special challenges of photographing in any tourist location. While the most popular tourist attractions are important to incorporate in a few shots, your most unique wedding photos will happen at off-the-beaten-path locations. These locations make your wedding photographs amazing.

On location photography takes research to know where the best photography spots are. We are particularly familiar with Aruba wedding photography, as it is a popular destination for in the Caribbean. The rocks, cliffs, pristine beaches and ocean water make stunning backdrops for your wedding photography.

As a special bonus to our brides, our Aruba wedding photography package includes an island tour where we photograph many of the fascinating features of Aruba.