Newborn Photography

You want lasting images that capture your precious child perfectly. Delivering newborn baby photography that’s as breathtaking as your child is what we do. This makes photographing newborns so incredibly rewarding.

When you step into our stylish downtown photography studio, it’s a time of relaxation for mom and dad. You’ll  lounge in our waiting area and watch us put our hearts and photography skills to work for your newborn photography session.

The studio, located in Norfolk, Virginia offers lovely props and settings to capture your precious baby in the most adorable ways.

Newborn photography session pricing begins at only $150Contact us now to secure your newborn photography session.

It’s important to schedule your photo session early, prior to the birth of your child, to ensure studio availability.

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Newborn Baby PhotographyNewborn Baby PhotographyNewborn PhotographyNewborn PhotographyBaby Boy PhotographyCapturing Your Baby in PhotosBaby in Nest: Unique PhotographUnique Baby PhotoPrincess Baby Photo

What is the pricing of a Newborn Photography Session?

Here is our complete guide for our newborn baby photography sessions. Inside of the guide will give you all the information needed along with tips for your newborn photo session.

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Newborn Photography Pricing Guide

Newborn Photography Pricing Guide

What’s the Ideal Age for Newborn Baby Photography?

Choose a date close to your due date to secure your appointment time. The appointment can always be adjusted due to babies that don’t arrive as scheduled.

The ideal age to photograph a newborn is less then 2 weeks old. We would prefer to photograph them at about 5 days old. At this age a newborn generally settles easily. We are able to get them to sleep so that we can mold them into the most flattering and precious positions.

However, we photograph babies at any age, and each age offers different expressions of your child that you will cherish forever.

What’s a Newborn Photo Session Like?

For Mom and Dad and newborn photo session is relaxing. Once the baby is fed, burped and changed, we take over from there. Mom and dad are free to sit, put their feet up, grab a snack and relax in our beautiful waiting area.

Often it is a time of rest for the parents. In our waiting area, they can easily watch Scott and I work together as a team to capture amazing newborn portraits.

As you can see from our Newborn Gallery Photos, we use a variety of props to capture your baby in many poses. At the studio we have many vintage props, such as chandeliers, antique dressers, old scales, baskets, and dozens of other creative objects. These props make our newborn baby photography truly unique, elegant, fun, and interesting.

Each photo session at Hayne Photographers is an experience. We aim to deliver beautiful images, but also to create a comfortable and friendly environment. We’d love to serve you when it’s time to photograph your newborn.

Call us at 757-201-7973 to schedule your newborn baby photography today.