Trash the Dress: Wedding Photography

Are you curious about what a trash the dress photo session is?

Trash the dress wedding photography sessions are an exciting opportunity to get dramatic bridal images. We are thrilled to offer our brides; it’s one of the most fun shoots we do! Trash the Dress photo sessions enable brides to try extremely creative posing and locations that just were not able to on them on their wedding day.

See What a Trash the Dress Day is Like! Watch the Video.

You already know that your want beautiful makeup, hair and an impeccable dress on your wedding day. We are keenly attune to keeping your day perfect, so this limits where we can go and how we can pose our brides on their bridal day.

Awesome photography on your wedding day is ensured if you book Hayne Photographers. The more risky shots for a Trash The Dress session, the type you would NEVER do the day of your wedding, is what the Trash the Dress photography is all about.

We usually end up on the beach and in the water at the end of the shoot. From a creative, photographic stand point, the ability to lay a bride in the grass (a no-no on the wedding day!) is awesome. It opens up a world creative possibilities!

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Trash the Dress Wedding PhotographyTrash the Dress: Wedding PhotographyTrash the Dress Wedding PhotographyCreative Wedding Photography: Trash the Dress


Want to lay on the beach in your wedding dress?  How about an amazing picture of you on a vintage car?  Is an old barn calling you from childhood?  How about riding a horse with your veil flying in the breeze?  Or maybe the ultimate – getting in the Atlantic ocean with waves crashing all around you?  The possibilities are endless with this creative type of wedding photography!

Where did the idea for Hayne Photographers trash the dress sessions come from?

The Trash the Dress idea came from a request from many of our brides for more photography!  Our brides had such an amazing time at their wedding with us that they just want more.

Some of our clients were not even former clients of ours and found their wedding images stale and old-fashioned.  They wanted the Hayne Photographers experience but the wedding was over! Trash the Dress was perfect for them.

Many times our brides share their images with their friends. Their friends see how creative wedding photography can be and they soon schedule their own photo session as well.  There was need to offer brides more than what we could do on their wedding day.

Of upmost importance is keeping the bride looking amazing all day. Laying down, getting sweaty, or certainly getting wet on their special day isn’t an option.  The Trash the Dress session opens up the creative floodgates!

Is this type of photography only for brides? 

The Trash the Dress session is for anyone that wants to do what many have said was impossible – get their clothes dirty or wet during a photoshoot!

We have had little girls come to the beach for their birthday in their dresses where they promptly jumped in the water for an experience they will always remember.  Our senior high school students regularly trash their prom dresses (which they’ll never wear again anyway).  The guys trash their tuxedos in the most creative ways!

Grooms can always join in on the fun by donning their suit and tie for some romantic shots in the water with their bride.  We even had a mother-of-the-bride schedule a 25th anniversary Trash the Dress complete with a beach picnic, guitar serenade, ending with a toast to the sunset in the water!  It’s up to your imagination.

Do brides use their actual wedding dress? 

Some brides have used their actual dress, especially if it was an anniversary shoot. While many brides are rightfully attached to there dress for a while after their wedding, sometimes that wears off after a while and they give their dress a final “Hurrah!”

Brides can find a used wedding dress at a thrift store or consignment shop. These dresses serve perfect for this type of shoot.  We have even collected some dresses for clients to use here at the studio. Clients love trash the dress wedding photography so much, they donate dresses to the cause!

Whatever dress you decide to use, we have yet to see one actually trashed.  They get wet and sandy, maybe even a grass stain or two but 99% of the time a quick hose down and hang out to dry and they recover very nicely!

What locations are used for a trash the dress sessions? 

The most common place for this unique wedding photography style is the beach of course. The Chesapeake Bay, where the waters are warm, shallow and calm is usually preferred over than the Atlantic Ocean beaches.

Beyond the beach you can have a Trash the Dress in some of the cool alleyways and streets of downtown Norfolk where the juxtaposition of a beautiful bride in an alleyway is a rare and unique shot.

Vintage cars and airplanes are always available to shoot on where the possibility of getting your dress dirty is high as well as the possibility of getting a once in a lifetime shot is as well.  If you are having a destination wedding then the locations can be as far as your imagination can take you – the caves of Aruba, the pools of Grand Cayman, abandoned gold mines of Colorado, and the Las Vegas Strip make incredible trash the dress wedding photography!

When is the best time to Trash My Dress?

Whenever you are ready, we will be too!  Most brides schedule them for their 1yr anniversary but some come back for their 20th anniversary.

We have done them 6 hours after the wedding in New York City’s Time Square.  It depends on your comfort level and whether you are ready to risk getting your dress damaged (although it has never happened as far as we know!).

How do I need to prepare for my photo session? 

There are a few things you can do to prepare for your Trash the Dress session.  Pick a warm month if you want to get in the water – we want it to be fun, not miserable.  Bring and use waterproof makeup and apply it lightly.  We have a changing tent that we bring with us so you can change right after the shoot without having to get in your car.

Wear a bathing suit under your dress, preferably light colored.  You may want to spray your dress with Scotch Guard so any liquid wipes away easily but check the label on your dress and try it in an inconspicuous spot first just in case.

If you intend on getting completely wet then you may want to have your hair up to prevent the need of constantly wiping the hair from your face in the water.  A change of clothes and a few towels are a must as well.  Walking shoes are fine especially if you have a long dress, we’ll never see them.  Lastly, leave your inhibition in the car – you won’t need it!