Six Month Old Baby Pictures

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Six Month Old Baby Pictures

Baby Photography

Happy half birthday Grayson! Yes, it was Grayson’s big day. He was turning six months old and his mom and dad knew how important it is to capture this precious phase of his life. If you are a follower of our blog, you have met Grayson before. Check out Grayson’s mommy and daddy’s vintage maternity session!

The first year of a baby’s life is such a fun time to capture in photographs. We offer a Baby’s Milestone Photography Plan. This helps a parent stay on target to make sure that they are capturing those precious milestones during a very hectic first year. If you are interested in our Baby Milestone Plan, find out more here. Just check out the Maternity, Newborn and Baby Session guide at the bottom of the page. We end our Baby Milestone Plane at a baby’s 1 year old birthday. We offer the fun cake smash! Our boutique cake smash bash includes 2 different outfits changes and ends the session with a precious birthday case with a cake smash!

For Grayson’s 6 months old baby pictures, he came in sporting several different outfits. We started his session after he got all gussied up for his half birthday photo shoot.


Baby Portraits

We decided to photograph Grayson’s six month old photo session in the studio. When we are photographing a newborn or a baby’s first two years, we always offer to photograph them in our studio or on location. Many times parents will choose the studio to have their baby portraits taken. When they are this age, the studio is a clean, temperature controlled and stocked with coffee and snacks. Our studio location keeps everyone in the family happy. Besides, we would have had a tough time showing off Grayson’s pecs in the outdoor elements!


Baby Photographer

Don’t you just want to smooth that precious face!

Baby Photography

So what do you do when you have a baby that is not feeling so well at their baby portrait session? You have mom hold them, of course!

I hope that it is not apparent in any of these photos that Grayson wasn’t feeling 100% for his photo shoot. As a children’s photographer you have to be prepared. Basically, it is our job to figure out how to capture precious baby portraits despite any situation. By the end of the session Grayson was ready to hit the road. We wanted to capture a couple more priceless milestone portraits. That is when we had to recruit mom’s assistance.

No matter what a baby feels like, mommy, and Auntie Keren, can always brings a smile to this little one’s face.


and as you can see from this last six month old baby session, Grayson nailed it!


Baby Boy Portrait

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