Virginia Dance School Photography

virginia dance school photography


At Hayne Photographers, we are your go to source for Virginia Dance School Photography. We pride ourselves on our ability to capture the dancers in poses that display their technique. If you or a dance center are looking for amazing pictures of your dancer(s), contact us today!

Why Having Professional Pictures Matter

Are you tired of pictures that don’t capture a dancer’s talent? Having a professional will ensure that the dancer and/or dance group are photographed in a flattering manner. With Hayne Photographers, you can expect a highly experienced and professional team to capture beautiful images of your dancer. Too many dance photographers shoot in a harsh light and distracting background. A big key to dance photography is having great quality lights and a beautiful backdrop that highlights any one being photographed on it. We have a wide range of backgrounds to choose from and provide top of the line professional lighting. If your dance studio has inspiration for a background theme, we are more than happy to work with you to get the perfect setting! We know that it is important for a dancer to have their technique and form shown, and strive to display their talent.

Our Work

Are you interested in seeing our work with Virginia dance school photography? Below is a gallery of various dance schools we service. With a diverse variety of ages, backgrounds, and talents, we are very proud to display our work!

dancer sitting downdancer posing with handgraceful dancersalmon dress dance groupdancers show posedancer posedancer trio sittingvirgina dance school photographydancer in yellowdancer dressed upDancer spinninghawaiian dance groupmaroon dress dance groupminion dancerstrio of dancerstoddler dancerboy and girl duo dancerdancer standingdancer in extreme posedancer tight en pointegirl dancer posingdancer jumpingdancer duodancer en pointedancer posing next to chairwhite outfit dance groupblue and yellow dress dance groupdancer graceful en pointedancer striking a pose


We also offer videography services for dance performances and recitals. Our professionally trained videographers will be there on performance day and will record in HD video, high quality sound, and multiple cameras set up to ensure that the performers are captured from different angles. Below is just a sample of the many performances we’ve taken.


If you want to book your next dance portrait day, recital or performance with us, click here!