Washington DC Wedding Photography

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Bride in Mansion


Bride and Groom

Washington DC Wedding Photos

Who knew that you could find sanctuary in all the hubbub of Washington? Chris and Nicolle found the perfect spot for their wedding. They knew that they wanted an area that was calm, relaxing and had a gorgeous outside location for their wedding ceremony. Chris and Nicolle work among the chaos of a big city, so they wanted their wedding day to be the opposite. They chose a location that they would be able to have gorgeous backgrounds and little hidden treasures.

Nicolle grew up in California and loves wildlife and beautiful landscapes. She knew that she wanted that to be a part of her wedding photography.


Romantic Kiss


Bride and Groom Walking in Field at Sunset

As they searched for that sanctuary in Washington, they found the perfect spot. This would be a location that reminded Nicolle of her childhood in California.


Bride and Groom in Field


Bride and Groom at Sunset

Wedding Detail and Preparation Photos

We capture as many gorgeous wedding detail photos as possible. In today’s wedding planning so much thought and planning goes into a wedding day. Chris and Nicolle used Etsy as a resource for a lot of their unique wedding details. We don’t want to miss one wedding detail. We use a creative eye and interesting composition when taking wedding detail pictures. This adds interest to the viewer’s eye. When looking at wedding detail photos, they can typically be boring. We love capturing different perspectives, using different lenses to capture unique wedding details photos. This creates interesting wedding detail pictures.


Beautiful Wedding Gown Detail Photo


Fun Dice Groomsmen Gifts


Beautiful Fall Wedding Invitation


Fun Fortune Teller Wedding Favor from Etsy


Gorgeous Wedding Gown Hanging in Picture Window


Wedding Cheesecake Surrounded By Cake Pops


Wedding Ring Photo

Wedding Day Bridal Portraits

On a wedding day it is important for us to capture beautiful bridal portraits. This is generally something that we want to work into the overall wedding day timeline. By doing this it ensure that we will have a few minutes to photograph our stunning bride. In the perfect venue, it adds to the beauty of our bridal portraits.


Stunning Bride


Beautiful Bride in Mansion Window


Gorgeous Bridal Headshot


Beautiful Bride in the Window

Washington DC Wedding Ceremony Photography

This sanctuary was the perfect setting for their wedding ceremony. Nestled among the gorgeous landscapes and accented with hints of fall colors, it was perfect for gorgeous wedding ceremony photos.


Bridal Processional Photo


Bride & Groom Kiss at Wedding Ceremony


Stunning Calla Lily Fall Bridal Bouquet


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