• Senior Experience


    Caleb can rock the whole guitar thing so we headed to the guitar store and had the run of the place for a few hours for Caleb’s senior shoot! Caleb has a great look and he fit right in with guitars on the walls and ceilings. In our senior photography we try to capture what they are all about and beyond just being a great guy, Caleb has the rockstar vibe goin’ on. Thanks Caleb for the awesome shoot! Here’s Caleb:

  • Senior Experience


    Alena joined us for a beach senior photography shoot a few weeks ago. As a photographer herself she was a lot of fun in front of the camera! We had a great time together and we came up with a “few” cool shots along the way. Our unique style fit right in with her personality. We did a mix of studio shots along with some at the beach & park. Check out the coolness that is Alena:









  • Slideshow,  Weddings

    Josh & Tiffany

    I get Tiffany and Josh. They keep it simple. Just lots of love and a few good dance moves. What more do you need, really? They put on a fabulous ceremony and reception at Ohef Sholom Temple with a “few” of their friends and family. Here’s a sneak peek into their amazing evening. Congrats guys!

  • Senior Experience


    Jacob brought his game and fought off the 40 degree weather for a most cool senior shoot! We braved some biting temps but you’d never know from his pics. Jacob is a man of many hats, including – surfing, swimming, lacrosse, snowboarding, and my fav – photography! BTW we are accepting applications for our Senior Model program – want a piece of the action? Check it out here! Here’s a few shots of what he had up his sleeve:









  • Couples,  Engagement,  No Rules Workshop

    Ty and Shannon

    Shooting another photographer is always a bit different than a “normal” shoot but this one was different…in a good way!. We met Ty and Shannon at our workshop in Tampa last week and we had a great time talking photography and just getting to know each other. We were actually in Tampa for a senior (High School) convention but we always love shooting a couple when we get a chance. We jumped in the car and drove around looking for some cool spots and stumbled on a ’57 Chevy, an old marina, and of course a Florida sunset. Niiiiice….. We topped the night off with some Mexican eats. Check out Ty & Shannon and their awesomeness!








  • Weddings

    Monica and Aric

    Maybe it’s just me but Monica and Aric look quite spectacular together. Funny how that works – You wait for the right one and when it all fits together you know it and so does everyone else. They made it all official at the Chrysler Museum of Art – a spectacular place all on it’s own. Add Monica and Aric and “voila!” an amazing evening results! Antonia Christianson Events (see more images on her blog!) and Blue Steel Lighting had the Chrysler looking its finest and DJ Rodney Charles kept the party lively. Congratulations guys – that’s a fine kickoff to what will be a long life together. Here’s M&A:

    bride chrysler wedding bouquet photography stole

    bride face eyelashes macro birdcage veil

    bride groom kiss photography chrysler museum staircase

    bride hand dip kiss statues chryler museum

    stained glass window brid groom kissing tiffany room chrysler museum

    statues chrysler museum bride groom wedding photography

    classic car buick chrysley wedding limo

  • No Rules Workshop,  Senior Experience

    SPA model 2010 – Brittany!

    Brittany comes from the cold plains of North Dakota courtesy of Aspen Studios. She joined us in San Diego for SPA 2010 and we spent the afternoon with her on the sunny beaches of Coronado. Here’s a few shots from our day cruising around the Hotel Del Coronado!

    rocks beach sunset senior california SPA 2010

    cave-san diego-SPA-model-rocks-beach

    blonde-san diego-SPA-senior-model-flare

    beach-SPA-san diego-kneeling-sunset-relection

  • No Rules Workshop,  Senior Experience

    SPA model 2010 – Aubree!

    Yes, call me a California wannabe. We winged our way out to San Diego for the 2010 Senior Portrait Artists (SPA) convention last week and came back energized and excited about what we were going to do in 2010 for our seniors! The fabulous Hotel del Coronado provided a backdrop for our shooting workshop with our senior models, Aubree and Brittany. They were both amazing and the California sand & sun gave us all kinds of opportunities for some great shooting. Thanks to SPA for inviting us to San Diego to give folks a taste of what our workshops are like. Stay tuned for a few shots of Brittany tomorrow!

    SPA-2010-tree-san diego

    hotel del coronado-senior-girl-chair-big hat

    shadow-san diego-SPA-2010-eyelashes-senior

    SPA-2010-san diego-model-chair-lobby

  • Press,  Us

    Professional Photographer Magazine

    It’s always awesome to see your images in print but to get them in one of the premier photography magazines in the nation is…quite frankly mind numbing. We can’t quite get our head wrapped around the whole idea but we ain’t complainin’! It’s such an exciting and hectic time for us and I just had to stop and say a big thanks to everyone who encourages us and inspires us to do what we do. It’s what keeps us going! We’ve also been doing some interviews and webcasts recently. Here’s a peek into our short but exciting story and a few of our images from the Professional Photographers magazine (you can click the image to expand and read our articles):

    WPPI Radio interview

    More Photos Radio interview

    professional photographer magazine contents page image

    professional photographer magazine bride groom aruba

    professional photographer magazine kiss battleship senior cowboy hat

    hhcolorlab advertising professional photographer magazine

  • Models,  Senior Experience

    Senior Model Search is On!


    2011 “The Senior Experience” Senior Model Application www.TheSeniorExperience.com
    What’s in it for you? Our Senior Model Program is a way for Class of 2011 Seniors to earn free stuff and get amazing senior portraits, while helping us show off the latest styles and update our senior images!
    Here are the details..just fill this out..and hit submit. SENIOR MODEL BENEFITS… A Free Session! Bring 3-4 fun, funky and fashionable outfits.
    You will receive your session FREE!
    Model Discount Cards – 50 custom cards with your name and image to get you started and other special products
    Website, Blog & Facebook – are some of the places in which you may appear!
    You’ll receive a cool video slideshow and images to display on your Facebook
    You will be our guest of honor at our annual “Big Reveal” Party. You can invite your friends and family!
    You DON’T have to be a perfect model size or look like a model to get IN. We base our decision on personality, activities and eagerness to be in the program. We are looking for models that truly appreciate the Senior Experience quality, and can see the difference in our work. ONLY a limited number of Senior Models are accepted from each school! If you meet our requirements…sign–up today!
    Please join our Facebook group called Scott Hayne Photography. We would love to connect with you!
    Check out our website at http://www.theseniorexperience.com
    Interviews for Senior Models will begin in January!


  • Slideshow,  Weddings

    Aric & Monica

    Shall we try to top Aric & Monica’s wedding? I say no! But you say, “All weddings are the same!” Nay! I rebuke thee! Aric and Monica went a step above – Not a minister but a Bishop. Not a church but an art museum. Not a veil but a birdcage veil. Not only a DJ but a Czech accordion player. Shall I go on? Just watch the slideshow and you’ll agree this was one for the books. Here’s A&M:

  • Senior Experience


    Caleb is one of our 2009 senior models and he held the banner high for his shoot! He looked great but I can’t say that about his hockey bag….it downright stunk up the place for sure. That’s cool tho’. It’s all about the image right? He’s got that part down…. Here’s Caleb!





  • Couples,  Slideshow,  Weddings

    Lester & Arlyn

    I see a couple of people with a lot going for them. Their names are Lester & Arlyn and we took a few shots of them on their wedding day. It’s always cool when someone asks to to shoot their wedding but when a photographer asks you to…. that’s the cherry on top! Isha Foss events did an amazing job of jazzing up the Virginia Beach Convention Center which always makes for an easy day for the photographer. Congrats guys and here’s to 2010!