Wedding at Norfolk Yacht Club – Nathan & Ashley

Some people find meaning in their job.  Some in their kids.  Nathan & Ashley found it in each other.  They don’t need a wedding for it to show….they just ooze love & happiness.  Their wedding was at First Presbyterian Church in Norfolk which just looked stunning with the cathedral ceilings and stained glass.  The Norfolk […]

10.10.10! Sales Summit for Photographers

Ten Leading Photographers. Ten Sales Strategies. Ten Money Making Products. Not sure how we got thrown in the mix with these guys but we are honored to be speaking in an online summit with the likes of – Kubota, Woods, Bianchi, Claire, Puc, Petty, Bondurant, Nichols, Walden and of course us!  It is just a […]

Concert Shoot at The Norva – Audiostrobelight & Kaboom Box

Something new and different for a Friday post!  We don’t do many concert shoots but I must say it is a bucket load of fun to do!  We got some shots of Audiostrobelight and Kaboom Box doing their thing along with Stage Right Lighting lighting up The Norva.  Concert shoots are a whole different animal […]

Wedding Slideshow – Long Island, New York – Ryan & Xavia

Ryan & Xavia have got the whole love thing down – and it shows. A wedding at the amazing Chateau Briand on Long Island provided the perfect showcase for their most perfect day. We also worked in a 3am trip to Times Square where we basically had the whole place to ourselves! After spending all […]

Welcome to the New Hayne Photographers Blog!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when a new blog must be created. That’s somewhere in the writings of Thomas Jefferson I am sure. Well, that time has come for us as we seek to explore strange new worlds…but I digress. We have finally accepted the fact that our images deserve a much nicer […]

The Booth! Sara & Eric’s Wedding

A little known fact – Our booth makes the coolest things happen and we get to take pictures of the whole thing! Sara & Eric gave their guests the time of their lives at their wedding with amazing food, dancing and of course the photo booth. It’s always a blast to bring the booth to […]

Wedding at the Signature at West Neck – Sara & Eric

A group of sharp looking guys meet up with a flock of beautiful women. I took some shots. The craziest thing happened! Sara & Eric got married and we got some really cool pictures! This all took place at the fabulous Signature Golf Course at West Neck. The guests sat in the gentle breeze underneath […]

Andy and Amanda

Come hang out at the beach with Andy & Amanda on their wedding day! Kick your feet up and take a break. It’s on us!

Sandbridge, Virginia Beach – Mitch & Caitlin Trash the Dress!

What an amazing couple that totally gets photography! They picked a cool location. Wore some fresh duds. Looked like a couple in love. What more could a photographer ask for? Um, how about a roll in the water with waves crashing all around – sure, why not? Mitch & Caitlin were up for just about […]

Emily and Andrew – Newport News Wedding

Emily and Andrew got their game on last week and scored! It felt like home since we knew so many guests and the atmosphere was so laid back. Andrew serenaded his bride with his guitar and smooth voice while Emily just glowed with excitement all night! We were thrilled to be there and we can’t […]