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    Engagement Photos | Molly and Eddie

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    Engagement photos are not only fun, but important for our clients. We call the engagement session their rehearsal for their wedding day. We find that most people are slightly uncomfortable in front of the camera for the first time. By shooting and engagement session, it helps ease the minds of our brides and grooms. They no longer worry about having the perfect wedding photos!

    Outdoor Engagement Photography

    couples photography shoot
    Couples photography shoot

    Engagement Photos

    Meet Molly and Eddie. When looking for a wedding photographer, they knew that they wanted a photographer that could capture the essence of who they are and make them look their very best. What an honor to be chosen to be both their wedding and engagement photographer!

    For engagement photos, most couples will choose a location that represents who they are. For their engagement pictures, Molly & Eddie wanted a beautiful and natural setting.

    To begin their engagement session we wanted to capture some candid moments. We found this great path through this beautiful forest. This was the perfect setting for what we were envisioning.

    family photo ideas
    Family photo ideas


    It is great to start to a photo shoot is capturing candid pictures. Movement adds interest to a photograph. Also, capturing candid photos help our couples relax. The couple become comfortable in front of the camera.

    The area was so beautiful, we set up this next series of photos. We used the path to draw the viewer’s eye to the subject. The result is a beautiful portrait. We photographed Molly and Eddie by the tree in a romantic pose.

    We then discovered a barn that would be the next perfect portrait spot! We used a couple of different lighting techniques in the barn.


    We love experimenting with light. Using different lighting techniques gives you various results without having to move your clients. What a great way to take advantage of a small area. For tips and tricks of our lighting techniques, check out our lighting information.

    For us it is important to incorporate the surroundings in a portrait. By doing this our client can reference exactly where they were, what they were thinking and remembering the experience of their portrait session.

    engagement photos
    Couples photo shoot ideas


    If you need posing tips for your engagement session, you may like this tool.

    Molly has always been a tree climber. When we saw this beautiful tree we knew it was a must to include in their engagement photos. The limbs on the tree fit Molly perfectly.  We were able to create some relaxed and more candid photos using the tree as our prop. By using a variety of lenses we were able to capture multiple looks in the pictures. With the help of a wide angle lens we are able to capture the grandness of the tree.

    norfolk couples photography
    Norfolk couples photography

    We are looking forward to Molly and Eddie’s wedding day. Stop back by the blog soon for their wedding day portraits!

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  • Virginia Beach senior portraits
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    Virginia Beach Senior Pictures

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    Virginia Beach Senior Pictures
    Senior photography

    Virginia Beach Senior Pictures

    Katie is a gorgeous fashion model. When it came time for her senior portraits she wanted something unique. Since she is use to being in front of a camera, Katie was wanting the best senior portraits.

    We knew with Katie’s background as a fashion model she would be easy to photograph. Honestly, it is our job as photographers to make every high school senior look like a model in front of the camera.

    Katie’s senior portrait session started one hour early at the studio. She had chosen to have her make up applied by a professional make up artist. She understands the importance of a flawless look. With a large studio it gives us ample space to have hair and make up artists available at the studio.

    Have a look at our studio.

    Studio Senior Portraits

    We began photographing Katie’s senior portrait session inside the studio. We have several unique sets that allow us various options to capture unique pictures. We also have a variety of lighting sources from soft boxes, natural light to the beauty dish. With all these options we can create multiple looks.

    (click to enlarge picture)

    Ring Light Pictures

    Next we moved on to ring light pictures. The ring light definitely helped create some unique senior pictures! The ring light is cool technology that gives a very distinctive pattern of light in the eyes. It also creates a halo shadow behind the subject that is unique to the ring light. It is also is a very flattering light source for our clients. If the ring light pictures are processed correctly, you will get images that wow. Here are some of our processing tool that give us a beautiful finished image.

    (click to enlarge picture)

    Want to see more of our Virginia Beach senior pictures, see our portfolio.

    Outdoor Senior Pictures

    We took Katie outside of our studio and created some great senior photos. We often use the high grassy areas to pose our high school seniors. We also pose them in our foliage in our outdoor area. By using this technique it creates depth in our images.

    (click to enlarge picture)

    Dramatic Senior Portraits

    To add drama to our senior pictures we use off camera lighting. With the latest in technology and the right knowledge, you can create dramatic senior portraits. If you are having problems lighting your subjects, check out our Basic Lighting DVD.

    (click to enlarge picture)

    Beach Senior Portraits

    We finally ended up at the beach. When you are a Virginia Beach senior, no portrait session would be complete without a stop at the ocean. We always photograph our beach portraits at sunset. Why you may ask? We only want the sweet light or golden light. To create beautiful portraits you want soft light.

    Senior photography
    Senior photography

    (click to enlarge picture)


    Beach senior photography
    Beach senior photography

    We are photographers that  photographs Virginia Beach senior pictures not only serving Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and beyond. Learn more about our senior portrait sessions.

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    Want to see more of our Virginia Beach Senior Portraits, see our portfolio.

  • Virginia Beach wedding Dan and Tonya.
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    Stunning Virginia Beach Wedding Photography

    When Dan and Tonya sat down with us and shared that they wanted us to be their wedding photographers, we were elated. After meeting them, we knew that they would choose one of the best Virginia Beach wedding photography locations. They did just that! The result was stunning Virginia Beach wedding photography at the West Neck Signature golf course.

    Virginia Beach Wedding Photography

    Wedding photography private moment.
    wedding photography private moment.

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    The Signature at West Neck is one the Virginia Beach’s best kept wedding photography secrets. Nestled away deep in Virginia Beach, it is located along side the Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course. This golf course serves as an amazing backdrop for Virginia Beach wedding photography.

    The Wedding Details

    Virginia is for lovers! Dan and Tonya spared no cost bringing their love of Philadelphia to the heart of Virginia Beach. A stunning ice sculpture illuminates with hot fuchsia light. The glowing fuchsia theme radiated throughout.

    (Click on Gallery Photo Below to Enlarge)

    The Ceremony

    With the wedding ceremony set on the golf course, it gave us the most beautiful background for their wedding portraits. The lighting during the ceremony was incredible as the sun began to set behind them. Following the ceremony, we were able to sneak away for some amazing wedding photos with the bride, groom and bridal party.

    The Signature at West Neck: Virginia Beach Photography Locations

    Virginia Beach Wedding Photography.
    Virginia Beach wedding Dan and Tonya.

    By using zoom lenses, and creatively adjusting the light of our aperture setting, we created this beautiful wedding ceremony photo above.

    The composition focuses on the bride and groom and softens the backdrop at the same time. The softened backdrop creates a dreamy feel that is very desirable in wedding photography. We use a variety of lenses and lighting techniques to create different moods and highlight various objects in our wedding photography compositions.

    Your wedding style inspires our use of these creative photography techniques. On our blog, you’ll see a variety of wedding shots all composed and lit to enhance the theme of each wedding we photograph.

    Wedding Photography Couples Shot.
    Virginia Beach Wedding Photography
    Formal Wedding Photograph.
    Formal Wedding Photograph

    (Click on Gallery Photo Below to Enlarge)

    We are Virginia Beach wedding photographers. We look forward to serving you and your family on your amazing wedding day.

    Find out how we can capture the wedding images you have always dreamed of. Schedule a consultation with us at our studio. We’ll gather all the details of your wedding day plans and share how you too can have stunning Virginia Beach wedding photography like you see here!”

    If you would like to see more of our wedding photography including Norfolk, Williamsburg, Hampton and Virginia Beach Photography, visit our wedding portfolios.

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  • Newborn Photography
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    Newborn Photography | Baby Jamie

    Today we had the opportunity to photograph baby Jamie. We photographed her at our downtown Norfolk studio.

    Many parents schedule their newborn baby photography weeks or months before their due date. Scheduling early ensures that we’ll be available to photograph the newborn while the baby is between 5 days and 2 weeks old. Babies settle into poses easily at this time.

    (Click on images to view larger)

    Jamie was actually 3 weeks old. She had contracted a cold right before her original scheduled session. Luckily, we were able to photographer her soon after. She was a perfect, tiny model.

    Mom and Dad relaxed as they grabbed a snack in our waiting area. The studio is visible from the comfort of the waiting area. They could watch Scott and I hard at work. We placed Jamie in a variety of adorable poses.

    Photographing newborns is one of the most rewarding photo shoots that we do. When we capture the perfect image of someone’s precious child, the results are priceless.

    Newborn Photography
    Jamie on Vintage Scale: Newborn Photography

    Newborn Photography Highlights

    There are so many highlights for me when photographing newborns. My favorite part of photographing any baby is getting her in the perfect position. I strive to capture that once in a lifetime portrait. With newborns, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes that takes a bit of work.

    My favorite image from Jamie’s photo shoot is the photograph of her on the vintage scale and steamer trunk. We love to be able to incorporate authentic vintage props into our newborn portraits. At the studio, we have a variety of props that are prefect for newborns. We invite you to take a look at other newborn photography on our newborn photography gallery.

    (click on image to enlarge)

    Our Studio

    Our studio is centrally located and convenient to Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk. Contact us to schedule your newborn photography session. Or, visit our Newborn Photography Information page.


  • Hayne Photographers Wedding
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    San Francisco Wedding | Hayne Photographers

    When we were called by Serena and Jason to shoot their wedding in San Francisco, we were thrilled. We are destination wedding photographers. It wasn’t a destination wedding for Serena and Jason who live in San Francisco. They simply loved our wedding photography and wanted us to shoot their wedding.

    San Francisco Wedding Photography

    San Francisco Wedding Photography
    San Francisco Wedding Photography

    San Fran was an amazing backdrop for their gorgeous wedding photos. Since the groom attended Stanford University, we made the short trip to the campus to photograph the bride and groom in a place that is special to them both.

    Serena and Jason rented the vintage car for the photographs. Props can make a huge impact in photography and we think this prop was well chosen!

    Serena really had some special touches at her wedding. She had handkerchiefs embroidered with beautiful sayings for her mother and grandmother. More details included the bride and groom’s “signature drink” during cocktail hour and a casino themed reception room. All of these details are forever memorialized in her beautiful wedding photography.

    Photographing Wedding Details

    (click on images to enlarge)

    Every detail counts! We try to photograph them all. We know that brides spend months of wedding planning to create the perfect ceremony and reception. Capturing all the details really tells the complete story of her wedding.

    The Ceremony Photos

    (click on photos to enlarge)

    Serena and Jason’s wedding ceremony site overlooked a reservoir; it was breathtaking and we took advantage of the scenery to get some impactful images. Even when we travel, we bring all of our wedding photography equipment. We have the latest camera technology, lenses, and editing equipment to get the dramatic images you see here.

    Romantic Wedding Photography
    Romantic Wedding Photography

    In addition to photographing the bride and groom’s wedding, they wanted an additional San Francisco wedding photography after shoot. An after shoot is a chance to get even more great wedding photography that wouldn’t be possible on the wedding day.

    (click on photos to enlarge)

    Stanford University Wedding Photography
    Stanford University Wedding Photography

    We traveled around San Fran incorporating landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Baker’s Beach, the stunning court house and theater into their wedding photography.

    This San Francisco wedding photography, is just one example of the many destination weddings we shoot. Our home is in Norfolk, Virginia. We are minutes away from Virginia Beach, a popular place for wedding photography. We hope you’ll visit our wedding photography portfolio for more great wedding photography ideas.

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