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    Senior Pictures

    Senior Pictures

    It’s not too late to schedule your class of 2015 senior portraits! Contact us today to schedule your senior photo session.

    Senior Portrait in Studio

    Studio Portrait Sessions

    We begin all of our senior pictures session at our studio. Our photography studio is located in downtown Norfolk. There we have state of the art photography and studio equipment. We like to begin at our studio to give our clients a variety of images to chose from. While we are photographing in our studio we use a variety of photography lighting. We may use natural lighting, window lighting, studio strobe lighting or the ring light. We will generally use all of these photographic lighting techniques when shooting in the studio.

    Here are a few of Shane’s studio portraits.

    Ring Light

    (click on an image to enlarge)

    Outdoor Senior Portrait Session

    We love the location of our studio. We are in the historic district of downtown with offers a variety of gorgeous backdrops. We have buildings, trees, iron fences, stairs, a cobblestone street, and more to choose from. Honestly, within a 1 block radius we have more stunning photographic backgrounds then most photographers.

    When we are shooting on location we are looking for color, texture and lighting. Around our studio we have lots of color, many different textures, and the lighting is good all hours of the day.

    Here are a few images from Shane’s outdoor portrait session by our photography studio.

    Outdoor Senior Portrait
    On Location Senior Portrait
    Urban Senior Portrait
    Natural Light Senior Picture

    Are you a photographer photographing senior guys and need help with posing? Check out our senior posing guide.

    Beach Senior Pictures

    No matter what time of the year, we are always photographing at the beach. Our beaches are a part of our lives. A lot of our clients want to incorporate the beach in their portrait session. When shooting an outdoor portrait session, choosing the right lighting is key to a great portrait. When we are photographing at the beach, choosing the right time of the day, to have the right light, is imperative. Sunset is always the best option to schedule a beach portrait session.

    Beach Senior Picture
    Senior Guy with Car Photo
    Senior Guy on Beach with Car

    (click on an image to enlarge)

    Off Camera Lighting Technique at Sunset

    Off camera lighting is a great technique to use during the sunset hours. Though we use this technique during all hours of the day or night, it really “shines” at sunset. This technique allows us to balance the ambient light and can produce moody and dramatic images. It can also create simple well balanced images.

    Here are a couple of examples of using off camera lighting at sunset.

    Sunset Senior Pictures
    Off Camera Flash Lighting Technique

    If you are interested in learning off camera flash, we have the tools to get you started.

    Family Portraits at the Beach

    For Shane’s senior portraits, we also included a couple of family portraits. We also did some photos of just he and his sister.

    Beach Family Portrait
    Sunset Family Portrait
    Sibling Portrait
    Brother and Sister Portrait

    It’s not too late to schedule your senior pictures! Contact us today for more information.

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    San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer | Sara and Rich

    San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

    Are you getting married in the San Francisco Bay area? If so we would love to be your wedding photographer. Contact us today for more information regarding our photography services.

    Bride and Groom in Tunnel
    Groom & Groomsmen
    Wedding Rings

     Wedding Gown: GiGi’s Bridal.

    Floral Design: A Love’s in Bloom.

    Cake Artist: Primrose Bakery

    Venue: The Bridges Golf Club

    Film Team: Imaginem Productions

    Wedding Photography

    Great wedding photography starts with a great couple. I think that you will agree that Sara and Rich help check that off the list. Next would be a great location. Then it would be stunning wedding couture. Then last would be amazing wedding details.

    We began our busy day of photographing at the hotel. Wedding preparation photos are important to create a full story of our client’s wedding day. We love to capture the behind the scenes excitement on a wedding day. The wedding details are equally important to photograph. We love to capture them in a creative way. The wedding gown, the shoes, the gifts all need to be recorded in history. In 20 years, you can quickly forget the fine details and as wedding photographers it is our job to capture those details beautifully.

    Gorgeous Wedding Gown

    (click on image to enlarge)

    Mom Helping Bride Put in Veil

    (click on image to enlarge)

    Wedding First Look Photos

    Who doesn’t love a wedding first look? The wedding day is so full of emotion with so much excitement that a first look is exactly what the doctor ordered. At all the first looks that we have photographed, there has never been a time that our bride and groom regretted seeing each other before the wedding ceremony. In fact, they are thankful.

    Once a bride and groom see each other for the first time on a wedding day it calms them. It is a time that they get to relax and just enjoy each other and all of the wedding day excitement, privately.

    First Look
    Wedding First Look
    Wedding Day First Look

    Bride and Groom Photos

    After Sara and Rich had their first look, we went straight into their bride and groom photo time. We love when we have quality time with our bride and groom on their wedding day. We are able to capture some amazing images when there is a set time that they spend with us. As photographers we get really excited about a well planned wedding day timeline. Sara and Rich had just that.

    The wedding venue was so incredibly gorgeous that it did not lack picturesque areas for photos. The Bridges Golf Club has rolling hills, a beautiful landscape and breathtaking views. Put that all together with a gorgeous bride and groom and you have the perfect formula to awesome wedding photography.

    Bride and Groom on Bridge
    Bride’s Veil Blowing in Breeze
    Bride and Groom in Tunnel
    Bride and Groom Under Veil
    Bride and Groom on the Golf Green
    Beautiful Portrait of the Bride and Groom
    Bride and Groom Silhouette
    Bride in Tunnel at Two Bridges Golf Club
    Bride and Groom

    Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception Photography

    The weather in San Francisco had been a bit breezy. In fact it had been so windy there were some doubts that the wedding ceremony would be able to be held outside. We were thrilled when it was decided that the weather was going to cooperate. The wedding ceremony could go on as planned. A sunset wedding ceremony, overlooking the California landscape.

    Brides Processional
    Brides Processional with Mom and Dad

    (click on image to enlarge)

    New Year’s Eve Wedding Reception

    What better party day and night to have a wedding then New Year’s Eve! It is a mandatory party day. What a great way to celebrate with party hats, sparklers and more.


    Sparkler Exit

    (click on image to enlarge)

    If you are planning a New Year’s Eve wedding, here is a resource that may help. I found this article by the Huffington Post. I thought it was fitting. 10 Reasons You Should Consider a New Year’s Eve Wedding.

    If you are looking for a San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer, we would love to chat with you! Contact us today.

    We are international destination wedding photographers, proudly serving the entire USA and abroad.

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    Outdoor Family Portraits | The Hodges Family

    Outdoor Family Portraits

    Are you interested in having outdoor family portraits taken? Contact us today for more information.

    Outdoor Family Portrait

    Let me start by saying what an honor it is to photograph the Hodges family. We have been photographing them for years. We first met them in 2008 where Stu Hodges of Waters Edge Church, was officiating the wedding. I will tell you that in meeting both Stu and Tabitha Hodges, it was love at first sight.

    Shortly after that wedding, they brought us their children to us for a photography session. In 2010 Waters Edge Church hired us to photograph their live cd that they were recording. You can view some of those musician shots here.  In 2011, we started attending Waters Edge Church.

    We now have made photographing the Hodges family an annual event.

    Outdoor Family Portrait Sessions

    We love outdoor family portrait sessions. In creating great portrait sessions choosing the right location and the right lighting is key. We are always searching for great places to have our outdoor family portrait sessions. We have come to love Windsor Castle Park. 

    When we are looking for an outdoor location for photographing, we look for color, texture and lighting. Windsor Castle Park works perfectly for those three. We like to have interesting backgrounds in our images with color and texture. When you choose an area that has interesting backgrounds it adds visual stimulation for the viewer that otherwise could be quite boring. We often incorporate the landscape of where the photo session takes place. We do a balance of wide angle and telephoto shots. The reason for the wide angle is to incorporate the backgrounds. We want families to remember not only their photos but the experience they had on a photo session. We always try to create a great experience for all of our photography sessions. We want our families to remember what it was like. We want them to remember where they were. We want them to remember things that happened. Really, we want them to remember what a great experience they had.

    The last key element is lighting. As a photographer, lighting is everything. We often schedule our family portraits close to sunset so that we are able to capture the sweet light. We also incorporate some flash for great exposures and in some images moodiness.

    If you are a photographer and need help with your photographic lighting, this may help.


    Casual Family Portrait

    Relaxed Family Portrait

    Children’s Portraits and Sibling Portraits

    On every family photo shoot we will break away to photograph the children. When we are photographing them we will do different groupings. We always photograph the child together. We will pose them as a group and then also incorporate some casual, fun sibling portraits.

    Sibling Portrait
    Fun Sibling Portrait
    Casual Sibling Portrait

    After photographing the siblings together, we will photograph the children individually.

    Outdoor Portrait
    Beautiful Portrait
    Outdoor Beautiful Portrait

    Parent Portraits

    When we are photographing the family portrait session we also ensure that we get some great images of mom and dad.

    Couples Portrait
    Outdoor Couple’s Portrait

    (click on an image to enlarge)

    Here are some more of our favorite photos from their session.

    (click on an image to enlarge)

    Scheduling a Family Portrait Session

    Let me start with, never put off til tomorrow what I should do today. Many of you reading this have probably contemplated scheduling family portraits for a while, sometimes years. I understand because it used to be the same for me. I didn’t want to deal with coordinating outfits, choosing a location and most of all getting everyone’s schedules to agree.

    At Hayne Photographers, we make it easy for you to schedule your family portraits. We provide you with an online magazine that is a style guide and also we are happy to choose the location! The only thing that we can’t do is make your family’s schedule align.

    Check out more of our family portraits.

    Reasons You Should Schedule Your Family Portrait Session

    Memories. Family portrait sessions should be fun. When you set aside time as a family for your session you not only will get a great portrait, but a great memory from the experience.

    See the changes in your family yearly. Watching your child develop from a child to a teenager to an adult is all worthy of capturing in a great family portrait.

    Your children change from year to year.

    Your children are getting older and will be heading off to college.

    You have added a new family member. This could be a spouse, a baby or a pet.


    Are you ready to schedule your family portrait session? Contact us today!


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    San Francisco Engagement Session | Sara & Rich

    San Francisco Engagement Session

    Are you recently engagement and looking for a photographer for your San Francisco engagement pictures? Contact us today for more details.

    San Francisco Engagement Session

    Want to see more of our engagement photos?

    Engagement Sessions

    Ah…who doesn’t love a beautiful engagement session. For us, there is nothing more beautiful then photographing two people in love.

    We had a great time with Sara and Rich on their engagement photo shoot. We were lucky that those chose us to photograph both their engagement session and their wedding. Both their engagement session and wedding were in San Francisco. We had never met Sara and Rich until our plane landed and we met up at Baker Beach. Baker Beach is such a gorgeous place to photograph. The setting couldn’t be more gorgeous. On a clear or nearly clear day there is a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge. What could be more iconic to San Francisco then that? We learned about the Baker Beach Golden Gate Bridge perspective while shooting a maternity session there last year. You can view that here. The big contrast between these two photo sessions on Baker Beach was the fog. For Sara and Rich we had a “Chamber of Commerce” type of day, or in other words, perfect. For our maternity session, it was a typical San Francisco foggy day, however, still beautiful in it’s own right.

    We have such amazing clients. Not only do we only have gorgeous clients, but they are willing to do anything for a great engagement picture! At moments on their session the air became quite breezy and brisk. There were no complaints from the stunningly dressed Sara in her gorgeous dress. Then there was also the hiking up the weather worn, out of level, rocks we trekked to capture the crashing of the San Francisco Bay. Still no complaints from Sara and Rich.

    Engagement Session at Baker Beach