• Live Band Photo
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    Event Photography

    Event Photography

    Are you looking for an event photographer to cover your special event? Contact us for more information on our photographic services.

    Live Band Photo

    Live Band Photo

    Event Photographer

    Event photography covers a wide range of types of events. It can be anything from a birthday celebration to a sporting event, from a military event to corporate parties. Event photography covers any event that you would like to documented in pictures.

    We recently photographed a live band that was performing for a student event. We were able to capture some pretty awesome live band photos. When photographing a performing band, we want to capture the excitement. We want to capture the excitement of the musicians as well as the crowd that is in attendance.

    For this live band photo shoot there were elements of the performance that helped enhance the images. The hazers and the lights create depth and texture to the photos where as without them, the image may seem flat.

    Check out all the excitement of this live band photography. I think that you will agree that everyone was having a great time!

    Band Photography
    Band Photography
    Photographers Band
    Photo of Live Band Performance
    Event Photography
    Photo of Event
    Band Performance Picture
    Live Band Picture

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    View more of our band and musician’s portfolio.

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  • Black and White Modeling Portfolio Picture
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    Modeling Portfolio Photographer – Felicia

    Modeling Portfolio Photographer

    Are you currently a model or interested in becoming a model? Are you looking for a modeling portfolio photographer? Contact us today for more information!

    Modeling Portfolio Photographer
    Modeling Head Shot

     Creating a Modeling Portfolio

    When we have models or aspiring models that book a portfolio session with us, it is our job to create gorgeous images. Gorgeous images will help our clients book modeling jobs. Whether the model is just updating their portfolio or creating a new portfolio, we create a lot of images to choose from. When photographing a modeling portfolio it is important for us to photograph head shots, half body, three quarter body and full body shots. For most of our models, they are selling their entire body from head to toe. That makes it important to show the pose variations in the photographs.

    We use state of the art photography equipment and photography lighting, which creates stunning portraits.

    For Felicia’s modeling portfolio we decided to photograph her on a white sweep. When we photograph on a white sweep there are no distracting, or competing, elements or colors in the background. This will draw the eye to the subject. For a modeling portfolio, that is where the eye should be.

    Felicia brought a few different outfits. This is always good for a modeling portfolio. You want a variety of clothing and color. That will not only give you many options, but also many different looks to choose from. When forming a modeling portfolio you want a variety of images that highlight different looks and assets. This way the client will be more diversely marketable to many different modeling campaigns.

    Felicia is currently with Wright Models and Actors.

    Head Shot
    Head Shot
    Modeling Portfolio Picture
    Modeling Portfolio Picture
    Black and White Modeling Portfolio Picture
    Black and White Modeling Portfolio Picture

     First Time Working with a Modeling Portfolio Photographer?

    We work with our models to help them create a great modeling portfolio. If needed, we will direct, coach and encourage our models. This in turn will make them feel comfortable in a studio environment. This may be the first time photographing with a professional photographer. We recognize that and will give you tips on on how to interact with a professional photographer, which will help you get hired. Photographers appreciate models that are comfortable with a studio environment and take direction well.

    Want us to help you create an amazing modeling portfolio? Contact us today for more information.







  • Ring Light Portrait
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    Outdoor Senior Portraits – Alexis

    Outdoor Senior Portraits

    Are you looking for a photographer for your outdoor senior portraits? We would love to be your photographer! Contact us today for more information.

    On Location Senior Picture
    Gorgeous Senior Girl

    Senior Pictures

    We love photographing high school seniors. It is always an exciting time in a teenagers life. It is a time that we are documenting a very special time in history. Senior portraits are truly a milestone. They should be photographed and photographed well.

    We often will offer different types of senior portrait sessions. We offer studio senior portraits and on location or outdoor senior portraits. Our seniors generally prefer a combination of both outdoor pictures and studio senior portraits. We often will begin our senior photography session with the formal yearbook pose.

    Formal Yearbook Photo
    Formal Yearbook Photo

    We like to begin the session with the formal yearbook photo because that is when our clients are pristine. All hair and make up are generally at it’s best at the beginning of their session.

    We will then move on to a series of studio and outdoor photography.

    When photographing portraits in our studio we choose a complementing background according to the outfit that our client is wearing.

    Studio Senior Portrait
    Studio Senior Portrait
    Studio Senior Picture
    Senior Picture in the Studio
    Senior Portrait Natural Light
    Natural Light Senior Portrait

    On Location Senior Portraits

    Alexis wanted to also do outdoor senior portraits. She was happy with just photographing around our studio. Our studio is located in a beautiful area that lends itself to great photographs. With many backgrounds to choose from, it offers a variety of looks for our clients.

    Outdoor Senior Portraits
    Outdoor Senior Portrait
    senior picture
    Senior Picture Outdoors
    On  Location Senior Portrait
    On Location Senior Portrait

    Ring Light Portrait

    We love using a variety of lighting for our portrait sessions. We will use studio lighting, natural lighting, off camera lighting and also our cool ring light. The ring light creates a very unique portrait. It is a steady light so basically when using it to photograph, what you see is what you get.

    It is a lighting technique that creates a shadowless portrait. It also creates a “ring” effect around the pupils, hence the name ring light.

    Here is a portrait using the ring light.

    Ring Light Portrait
    Ring Light Portrait


    Are you ready to schedule your senior portraits? You can view more of our senior portfolio here. Maybe you would like to just find out more about our portrait sessions.

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  • Family Portraits
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    Yorktown Family Portraits | Reed Family

    Yorktown Family Portraits

    When was the last time your family took professional family portraits? Today is the perfect day to schedule your own photography session. Contact us today for more details.

    Family Portraits
    Family Portrait

    Yorktown Outdoor Family Portraits

    Yorktown has so many beautiful outdoor locations. It is a perfect backdrop for some gorgeous family portraits. Meet the Reed family. We were delighted to be able to photograph their family. They choose to schedule their family portrait session in Yorktown. They knew that it would lend itself to gorgeous photos.

    With their family, we choose 2 different locations for their outdoor photos. Both locations were within 5 minutes of each other so it made it convenient. It also provided the opportunity for a variety of photos and backgrounds. We started the family portrait session out at a historic mansion. The property has a gorgeous landscape lined with a white fence. On the property there are a few beautiful buildings. When you have a combination of a beautiful landscape and buildings, it creates a beautiful backdrop. When you have a beautiful backdrop for your portraits, you get beautiful portraits.

    virginia family portraits
    Brother and Brother Photo
    family portraits virginia
    Family Portrait in Yorktown
    yorktown family portraits
    Yorktown Family Portraits
    couple portrait
    Couple Portrait

    As you look at their portraits you will see that there was much planning that went into their outfits. This is a great example of how to dress for family portraits. We always get asked what to wear for our family portraits. We have actually designed an online magazine that help our family’s decide on what to wear. You will see that all four people in the family coordinate beautifully without being in the exact same color. To us, this is more pleasing to the eye. They choose one of two colors to run throughout everyone’s outfit.

    On Location Family Portraits

    We finished up photographing family portraits at the historic mansion property and headed to our second location. There we found a completely different look, style and background for our portraits. In all of our photo sessions we like to present our clients with a variety of images. As you can see, we achieved our goal.yorktown family photography

    Outdoor Family Portrait

    couple portraits
    Couple Portrait
    yorktown family pictures
    Brother’s Portrait
    couple portraits yorktown
    Couple’s Portrait in Yorktown
    yorktown family photo
    Casual Family Portrait

    Isn’t it time to schedule your family portrait session? Contact us today!