Monthly archives: June 2010


Caleb can rock the whole guitar thing so we headed to the guitar store and had the run of the place for a few hours for Caleb's senior shoot! Caleb h[...]


Alena joined us for a beach senior photography shoot a few weeks ago. As a photographer herself she was a lot of fun in front of the camera! We had [...]

Josh & Tiffany

I get Tiffany and Josh. They keep it simple. Just lots of love and a few good dance moves. What more do you need, really? They put on a fabulous ce[...]


Jacob brought his game and fought off the 40 degree weather for a most cool senior shoot! We braved some biting temps but you'd never know from his p[...]

Ty and Shannon

Shooting another photographer is always a bit different than a "normal" shoot but this one was a good way!. We met Ty and Shannon at o[...]

Monica and Aric

Maybe it's just me but Monica and Aric look quite spectacular together. Funny how that works - You wait for the right one and when it all fits togeth[...]

Tiffany & Josh

Just a quaint little wedding. NOT! Tiffany & Josh put on an amazing evening for their wedding day and we were able to catch a few shots of them [...]


Megan is the bomb! She picked a killer day for her senior shoot and we ran around downtown for a couple of hours just for the fun of it. Here's Mega[...]

Aric & Monica

Shall we try to top Aric & Monica's wedding? I say no! But you say, "All weddings are the same!" Nay! I rebuke thee! Aric and Monica went a step ab[...]


Caleb is one of our 2009 senior models and he held the banner high for his shoot! He looked great but I can't say that about his hockey dow[...]

Lester & Arlyn

I see a couple of people with a lot going for them. Their names are Lester & Arlyn and we took a few shots of them on their wedding day. It's always[...]