Senior Yearbook Portraits

Are you a rising senior that needs to have formal yearbook portraits taken? If you are, we can help! Book your yearbook session today.

It is a requirement by most schools for rising seniors to have a formal yearbook portrait. What is a yearbook photo? For most high school seniors in Virginia it is the classic tuxedo or drape picture that you see! It is an elegant, timeless photo that dates back many generations.

Hayne Photographers offers yearbook photos to everyone. For example, we have a photography contract with many schools but also allow outside schools. That to say this, if you need seniors portraits taking, schedule your session here at our studio located in Norfolk, Virginia.

A yearbook session is a quick 10-15 minutes session. We provide the tuxedos and drapes for each of our high school seniors for portraits.

Upon arrival you will check in with one of our friendly staff and then head to the dressing room. It is there that you will put on that long awaited drape or tuxedo. At that moment you will sense a great deal of excitement as you have achieved your long awaited senior year!

At our studio our photographers will tether to a computer so that you will review and choose your yearbook image before you leave the session. As a result, this ensures that everyone LOVES their yearbook portraits so there’s no worry for a retake photo.

Hayne Photographers can also submit to most schools in our Hampton Roads area. Due to some restrictions, please check with your yearbook advisor prior to scheduling your appointment to ensure that they will accept our photos.

While you are at the studio you may choose to add on casual senior portraits! Here you can read more on our casual senior photo sessions.

We have a simple pricing guide for our senior portraits. This makes purchasing your favorite senior yearbook portraits a breeze!

Check out our senior pricing here.

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