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Sports Banners

Sport banners will get your sport photos out of the ordinary. The searching is over for something that is out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary for your sport photos. Have you been searching for that special product that will make your sport photos zing? Looking for cutting edge sport photos?

We can help! Hayne Photographers offers custom high school banners featuring you! We using special lighting with green screen technology to create long lasting, eye catching, head turning sport photos. Our premium vinyl offers stunning vivid color with the highest pixel density. We print them on high quality vinyl for display indoor or outdoor. Our high quality vinyl will withstand all weather. These custom banners have heavy duty grommets it makes for easy hanging of your custom banners both inside and out.

Sport Banner Sizes

Our senior, league and high school sport banners come in custom sizes ranging from 1′ – whatever size you can imagine. Most of our athletes order their sport banners in 32″ x 48″ or 40″ x 60″. These custom sport banners are photographed and designed for you to enjoy for a lifetime .

Who Wants Custom Sport Banners?

Our banners can be used for a variety of things, including but not limited to Sport leagues, high schools, seniors, clubs and more. We also offer custom design team banners. These are great to display with your sponsors information on it! Just image a huge custom team banner with your sponsors logos! They offer an eye catching view. This is exactly what your sponsors are looking for!

Want an Entire Team or Sport League Photographed?

Many of our leagues and high schools photograph each athlete. Often our high schools or leagues include every athlete, we try to vary to poses so that when they are displayed they are not boring, but creative. We often will display a Pick a Pose to help the athlete chose a variety of poses.

Here are a few examples of our custom banners. Each banner is designed for each league banner or high school banners.

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Sport Banners