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Your senior high school photos should reflect who you are, not some pre-fab version of what someone else thinks you should look like! That’s why Hayne Photographers senior photos are awarding winning! We bring out what’s incredible, amazing, and radiant about you. We love shooting senior portraits with an entirely new twist. Contact us today to schedule your senior photography shoot. Take a look at our other senior portfolios and get inspired by even more senior high school photos. Consider joining us for the “Senior Experience”. The “Senior Experience” is a once in a lifetime photo shoot. As part of “Senior Experience” you’ll adventure to amazing locations that provide incredible backdrops to your senior photos. We can meet with you before your photo shoot to find out what makes you tick. We will discover your hobbies, interests, likes, and personality so that we can plan a photo shoot that best captures your uniqueness. We always ask our senior students to bring props, like sports uniforms, instruments, or whatever they like to their senior portraits photo shoot. Find out more about our senior photography.

Senior Portraits

Be sure to visit our blog, where you can see entire photo sessions of high school seniors just like you. Get inspiration for your very own senior high school photos. Whether you love dancing, music, art, sports, or fashion, you’ll see photo sessions for it all on the blog!

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If you have a student at one of our contract schools, please click here to view discounted senior seniors available to you!  Some of the schools that can book our discounted senior portrait sessions are Norfolk Christian, Norfolk Collegiate, Granby, Maury, South Hampton and Walsingham Academy.

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senior high school photos

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