Wedding Slideshow Marriott Norfolk – Mike & Melanie

I love M&M’s they make my tummy happy. Mike & Melanie, while not being covered in a sweet candy shell, are certainly a treat to take pictures of! I am just sure that they have a warm chocolate center – I just know it! After all, how else can you explain all the joy and mirth (there’s a new word for your Scrabble game!) that followed them around on their wedding day? From the church to the Waterside Marriott it was a sweet ride! I have always thought M&M’s can cure world hunger and bring peace to the nations. It all starts with Mike & Melanie…. my favorite M&M’s of all!

Wedding Slideshow Chesapeake Conference Center- Marjorie & Josh

As the year draws to a close a new life together begins for Marjorie & Josh! If the opening kick-off of their life together is any indicator of what is to come then watch out world – they’ve got plans….. Here’s a sneak peek into their day as we hung out with them and their army of adoring friends & family. Viva la love!

Chrysler Museum Wedding – Mario & Meredith

The Chrysler Museum always offers up amazing opportunities to photograph with statues and artwork as backgrounds for our bride & grooms.  Mario & Meredith certainly took it up a notch with their wedding by adding floral arrangements by Botanique and lighting by Blue Steel Lighting.  I must say, I have never seen the Chrysler Museum look quite so awesome!  Mario & Meredith were a joy to work with and we must thank them for taking some time with us which we always realize can be difficult to do on your wedding day.  It pays off with killer images from a top notch venue of a top notch couple!

Corporate Portrait – Rebecca!

So Rebecca is putting together a website for her amazing makeup & hair talents and we had the challenge of making her look pretty. Um, not really a challenge actually. A corporate headshot was the order of the day and it was a joy to work with her! Such a bubbly personality and of course, flawless makeup & hair. If you are looking into a freshened up portrait for your website, portfolio, advertising or just for Facebook contact us for details!  We will update you with her completed website soon but for now check out the talented & beautiful Rebecca –

Wedding Slideshow Norfolk Yacht Club – Nathan & Ashley

Classic beauty and suave sophistication were married the other day and their names were Nathan & Ashley. I’ll let you figure out who is who… Whenever we shoot a wedding at the Norfolk Yacht Club it just adds to the classiness to the whole event. Throw in the amazing architecture of the First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk and you end up with the coolest pics! Here’s a few of our favs via a slideshow:

Visionary Productions Wedding Video – Mike & Melanie

I think Dave Alegre over at Visionary Productions has the whole video thing down…. Well, I guess it helps when you have an awesome couple like Mike and Melanie as your subjects! He added a few images from their engagement shoot along with his video and came up with this really cool wedding fusion video. Killer job Dave as always! Thanks Mike & Melanie for dealing with all the cameras on your wedding day…it will be so worth it! Enjoy the show…. Mike & Melanie’s Same Day Edit Segment (Fusion with Hayne Photographers) from Visionary Productions on Vimeo.

Bat Mitzvah Norfolk – Gabi!

An evening in Candy Land!  Gabi’s Bat Mitzvah was like none other as her guests were transported to a world created by the amazing Isha Foss and organized by the equally talented Pearl Taylor.  Huge candy canes, life-sized gingerbread men, and ice cream cones fit for a giant filled the Ohef Sholom Temple.  The whole sweet & 1950’s theme fit Gabi well since she is just that – sweet & hip!  She re-wrote the Bat Mitzvah book on this one. Score: Gabi 1 vs. Everyone Else 0!  We are including images from her pre-shoot as well as the ceremony & of course her off-the-hook party!  Enjoy!