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Our Son:  Hunter and New Daugther in Law Sharayu’s Vintage Themed Wedding Photography Being a wedding photographer and photographing beautiful weddings is always fulfilling. Being a wedding photographer and photographing your own son’s wedding is a double portion of joy!  Wedding’s like this don’t come around very often, especially when it is your own children. Hunter and Sharayu were engaged in February and decided they didn’t want a long engagement.  With the stress of the tight timeline, our dream team was still able to make our day absolutely flawless and magical. Now, sit back and relax. Enjoy our vintage themed wedding photography and gather ideas for your own vintage themed wedding. Beach Wedding Ceremony (Click on Gallery Photo Below to Enlarge) Vintage Themed Reception (click on photos to enlarge)   How We Pulled Off the Vintage Theme Since we’re in the wedding industry we knew first hand who we wanted to be a part of this very special day.  Choosing wedding vendors is so important.  You don’t want any disappointment on your very special day.  For us, we went to the “dream team” of Virginia Beach and Norfolk weddings. With the overall direction of the one and only Antonia, or my Missy of Antonia Christianson Events  she got the ball rolling.  We quickly sat down with Daevid of Daevids and presented him with our style of the event.  A truly vintage wedding is what Sharayu wanted.  Daevid used his amazing artistry to create the entire, and I mean entire, event. The next step was the cake.  There was only one and it is Emily of Patti Cakes. There could never be another.  Then there is Jeremy.  No other lights our world or venues like him.  Jeremy of Blue Steel Lighting Design continued the vintage feel with amazing Edison lighting. Then there was catering.  Jodi of Sweetwater Cuisine  not only brings amazing food, but amazing people AND amazing design elements.  Hunter and Sharayu wanted relaxed food. Jodi did her magic and even brought a butter urn to dip your roasted cobs in!  There were cars, more cars, trucks, bikes and a vintage motorcycle.  All from amazing clients and friends. We knew the day would not be complete without an amazing car like a vintage Rolls Royce owned by Bob Hunter of Royal Coach.  With all these great vendors in one place we wanted a video of the amazing artistry. Dave of Vistionary Pro did an amazing job. There were so many more that helped bring our event to life.  All of these folks have impacted our lives in such an incredible way.  Thank you for using your artistry and gifts for Hunter and Sharayu’s wedding day! You Amazing Wedding Ideas Your amazing wedding deserves amazing photography. Let Hayne Photographers capture your wedding with all the attention to detail that you see here. Contact us today to book your wedding photography.