• Vintage style wedding photography.
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    Tonya & Tracey’s Wedding | Hayne Photographers

    Newport News Wedding Photography

    Tonya and Tracey’s Newport News wedding photography is one for the record books. It’s just gorgeous! These dramatic images were taken at the Marriot in Newport News, Virginia. While Hayne Photographer’s studio is located in Norfolk, we do wedding photography throughout the area and even throughout the world. Contact us today to book your engagement photos or wedding photography.

    Wedding photography.
    Wedding photography.

    How do we get such dramatic wedding photos?

    This image is an easy favorite. The car is a wonderful wedding prop to set up the dramatic power of this photograph. We use a variety of lens when we shoot weddings. Our use of different camera lens, and the latest photo editing technology helps us create amazing effects in your photos. You can almost feel the car moving forward; it’s the perfect, romantic send-off wedding photo!



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  • Outdoor Maternity Portraits
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    Outdoor Maternity Portraits

    Outdoor Maternity Portraits

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    Outdoor maternity portraits are always beautiful. Especially when we are photographing in a destination like San Francisco.

    This couple is currently living in San Francisco and hired us to be their destination portrait photographer. They have follow our work for some time and knew that they wanted us to be their maternity portrait photographer.

    We were excited to be photographing in San Francisco and though we looked up many landmarks, it was great that they could direct us to some wonderful photographic backdrops.

    Maternity photographer.
    Maternity photographer.


    With outdoor maternity portraits, as well as any on location photography, it is good to know your surroundings and select unique backgrounds to make your pictures pop! Also, when photographing in a city like San Francisco, incorporating iconic areas will bring interests to your portraits.

    We started this photography portrait session on the stairs of city hall. We made sure that the location was identifiable so we framed the picture incorporating the wall lamps that are seen through out downtown San Francisco.


    Using a variety of lens choices from a zoom lens to a wide angles lens, helps us create a different perspective without moving the couple to far. Keeping your movement to a minimum is especially important to remember with your outdoor maternity portrait sessions.

    Maternity photography garden
    Maternity photography.


    In this photograph we framed our subject in this large door. In order to capture the height of this oversized doorway, we choose to photograph this our a wide angle lens.

    Maternity photograph
    Maternity photograph.

     Golden Gate Bridge Portraits

    Our last stop for our outdoor maternity session was the beach. No portrait session in San Francisco would be complete without incorporating, or trying to incorporate the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a very foggy day, but if you look closely you will see it!


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