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    Norfolk Family Photographer

    Norfolk Family Photographer

    Are you looking for a Norfolk family photographer? Contact us today! We also are Virginia Beach family photographers as well as Virginia family photographers.

    Family Portrait

    Family Portraits

    Family portraits are important to document the life of your family. When you have children they seem to drastically change every year. This is why it is important to document every stage of their lives and every year of their lives. The fall is the perfect time to schedule your family portraits. The fall creates such a gorgeous backdrop for your outdoor family photo session. The fall colors are striking and add interest to family photos.

    Norfolk Family Photo in the Historic District of Norfolk

    It is also a great time to purchase your family portraits as a Christmas gifts. People love the gift of a great portrait.

    On Location Family Portraits

    We offer family portraits in our studio that is located in the historic district of Norfolk, but we also offer on location family portraits. As a Norfolk family photographer, we have so many great outdoor locations to choose from. We are never short of ideas for the perfect photographic background.

    For this family portrait photography session we started right outside of our downtown studio. We used a vintage settee on our cobblestone streets to set the tone for a beautiful family picture. We love to incorporate interesting props that also help with family portrait posing.

    After capturing beautiful posed family portraits, we love to capture some candid family photos.

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    We then headed to the beautiful gardens located just 2 blocks from our studio.

    Park Family Portrait

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    Norfolk Family Picture in the Park

    Beach Family Portraits

    What better way to end a beautiful family portrait session then at one of our gorgeous beaches! When we create beautiful beach portraits we have to make sure to choose the right time of the day. Sunset is the best time to schedule your family portrait session at the beach. We want to have the best light available and the best skies available.

    Beach Sunset Family Photo
    Beach Sunset Family Portrait
    Beach Family Portrait

    Pet Photography

    As with any family, we always encourage families to bring their four legged children. At this family portrait session they weren’t sure how Winston would do. He is a gorgeous Vizsla. He was only a few weeks old so they were worried. Would he sit still? Would things be chaotic? Would we ever be able to capture a good picture of their beautiful family pet?

    I think when you see this picture, you will agree…we did it!

    Beach Family Picture

    After we finished our family portrait session we wanted to capture some pet portraits of Winston. Check out a few of our favorites.

    Pet Photo
    Pet Portrait
    Dog Photo

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    It’s not too late to schedule your fall or holiday family portrait session. Contact us today to schedule your session!

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    Virginia Beach Senior Photography | Valentia

    Virginia Beach Senior Photography

    Are you looking for a someone to photograph your Virginia Beach senior photography? If so, we can help! Contact us today for more information.

    Virginia Beach Senior Photography

    Senior Portraits

    Senior portraits is a very special landmark in your child’s life. We don’t take them lightly. We put a lot of effort into creating beautiful senior portraits. This is a time when high school seniors get to experience a once in a lifetime photo shoot.

    We strive to create a senior portrait experience that is not only fun, but will create lasting memories.

    We like to choose beautiful backgrounds and areas that will enhance our photos. We pay attention to the details, lighting, colors, textures and much more.

    When a senior makes an appointment for their senior pictures, we always ask a series of questions. What are you looking for in your senior pictures? Have you visited our website and seen any images that you love? Are you involved in any sports or have any hobbies? These are just a few of the questions that will help us determine the right photographic backdrops and locations to photograph.


    Fame All Star Cheerleader Photos

    Valentia is a Fame All Star Cheerleader. She is serious about her cheer and wanted some great cheerleader photos. She has won multiple competitions so we wanted to incorporate her metals and awards.

    Fame All Star Cheerleader
    Fame All Star Cheerleader Photo

    Senior Portraits in a Historic Area

    Our photography studio is located in the historic area of W. Freemason Street in downtown Norfolk. We couldn’t ask for a better location. The backgrounds and textures in our area are simply amazing. We get a variety of backgrounds just walking around the block. We couldn’t ask for more. Here are a few of our beautiful backgrounds.

    Historic Area at W. Freemason Street
    Senior Portraits
    Virginia Beach Senior
    Senior Picture
    Virginia Beach Senior

    Best Senior Pictures

    When I am blogging, I try to pick the best senior pictures from a photo session. Valentia’s photo session made it difficult because I wanted to blog them all.

    I will leave you with just a few more of our favorite senior portraits from her photo shoot.

    Studio Senior Portraits

    If you are looking for a photographer for your senior portraits, contact us today.


  • Virginia-Beach-Commercial -Head-Shots
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    Virginia Beach Commercial Head Shots | Laura

    Virginia Beach Commercial Head Shots

    Are you looking to have new or updated head shots done? Contact us today for more information.

    Virginia Beach Commercial Head Shots

    Professional Head Shots

    As a business professional it is important to keep your professional head shots current and up to date. In this day and age a lot of our business is done online. A professional head shot is the first impression that we make with our clients.

    Virginia-Beach-Commercial -Head-Shots
    Virginia Beach Real Estate Head Shot

    Most of our clients seeking us out online are looking to see if we offer a good quality product. The first quality product that they will view is our head shot. A professional head shot from a professional head shot photographer will stand out in the market.

    Laura knew the importance of a good Virginia Beach Real Estate head shot. She took the time to pay for professional hair services, professional make up services and professional photography services.

    She was beginning a new career and knew that the investment of a great commercial head shot would be beneficial.

    If you use a photographer with a trained and artistic eye will give you the best outcome for your professional head shots. Also, choosing a photographer that is proficient is using professional camera gear, lenses, lighting and editing software, you will achieve a great result.

    Commercial Head Shot

    Tips for Your Professional Head Shot Photo Session

    Professional Hair and Make Up Services:  For women, always consider professional hair and make up services. Professional make up application is key to a flawless complexion. We have professional make up and hair artists that will come to the studio and provide that service for you.

    For guys, a little translucent powder applied to the face will help knock off any shine on the skin.

    Variety of Colors and Styles: Often we have a favorite outfit or color, but in photographs it doesn’t always translate as beautifully as we imagined.  If you have a variety of colors and styles it will give you more choices.

    Different Backgrounds: If you choose us to be your head shot photographer, we will provide multiple backgrounds to give you a variety of options when choosing your perfect head shots. We also can provide green screen or white screen head shots with extraction services. When photographing on white or green screen you can be extracted from the background and placed into any background.

    Tiny Prints and Stripes: Avoid tiny patterns, like hounds tooth or tiny stripes. They don’t translate well in camera and give a “zig-zag” appearance in your images.

    (click on image to enlarge)


    If you are ready to update your Virginia Beach Commercial Head Shots or any professional head shots? Contact us today for more information.