They say free press is the best kind of publicity, and we couldn’t agree more! When someone writes an article about our photos, our photography studio or Scott’s teaching, it’s a huge complement.

If you’re a photographer, you know what it’s like to put your soul into your photographers. The photos speak volumes about who you are; how you see the world. We think our photography style is unique to us, and the press we’ve received speaks to our passion and hard work.

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We’ve been featured numerous times in professional magazines and publications such as Professional Photographer Magazine, Shutterbug, Adorama, Dury’s and on many blogs, websites, and in local magazines as well.

Our Favorite Press

But what’s our favorite publicity? Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media! When someone posts a photo we took of them on their Facebook page and it gets 18,000 likes…that’s a good day! And, when a bride posts one of our wedding photos to their Pinterest page as photography that inspires here. Wow, that’s great! Publicity from our clients is the best complement of all!

What are Clients Saying About Us?

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At Hayne photographers, we aren’t just photographers, but teachers. We conduct photography seminars throughout the U.S. where we share photography tips and tricks. We welcome press interviews and enjoy sharing our incite into the photography business.

Radio Press & Blog Press

For photographers especially, we post interviews we’ve conducted while teaching throughout the Us, like our Interview with Full Time on blog posts. These interviews contain lots of information important to aspiring and professional photographers. Sign up for our newsletter and stay in the loop.

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