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We love being a professional head shot photographer. It brings a lot of different people into our photography world. We may photograph a CEO in one appointment, a model in our next appointment and an actor in the next photography appointment. It really keeps us on our toes.

As you can imagine from these photos, Kayla is not the CEO of a company. Though she is confident and poised and may pass as a CEO, she is an aspiring actor and is involved in musical theater. At such a young age she has so much talent.

When she arrived at her photography session for her head shots, we could tell immediately that she would be a delight to photograph. As you can see, the camera loves her and she loves the camera.

Even as a young teen it was important to hire a professional make up artist to give Kayla’s images the extra edge. We didn’t attempt to try to make her look older by adding make up, just polish her up and give her that flawless finish that everyone desires.

Head Shot for Teenage Actor
Child Actor Head Shot
Professional Talent Agency

Kayla’s agency is based in LA. She is with IMTA. IMTA is an international talent and modeling agency. When we work with an agency creating a professional portfolio, we always get specifications from the agency first. Every agency has different outlines based on their needs.

Actor Head Shot
Child Actor Head Shot
Musical Theater Head Shot
Child Musician Head Shot
Child Model Head Shot
Child Actor Professional Head Shot

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