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Actor Headshot and Modeling Portfolio

We are a actor and model headshot photographer. For Marquis, he was in need of both. He was headed to Orlando, Florida for a Disney Casting Call. He was not only being looked at by Disney but many other agents. That required a little of both, acting head shots and a modeling portfolio.

When you go to a casting call, you get one shot to be in front of the decision makers. You want to make sure that you have great, professional acting head shots or a professional modeling portfolio, in your hand.

The opportunity may be a once in a lifetime chance, so having the right professional photographer is key.

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Modeling and Acting Portfolio Photography Sessions

When you schedule an modeling or acting portfolio session with us, we will ask a series of questions. The main question is who are these images for? What type of role are your auditioning for? Do you need to look younger, older, or your age? What companies will you be sending your portfolio to?

All these questions are valid to ensure that we get the right results in our images. For Marquis, the acting portfolio was for Disney only. We needed to ensure that we had images that portrayed him looking like someone you might see on the Disney channel. Here are a few examples.

Disney Actor Portfolio Session
Actor Head Shot
Actor Headshot Photo
Acting Portfolio

Keeping Marquis looking young was a mixture of choosing the right clothing, the right photographic lighting, and having a cheerful appearance.

Now for the contrast between Marquis’ acting and modeling portfolio photos. For these photos he wanted to look older, fit, handsome and marketable.

Modeling Portfolio
Model Portfolio Photo
Modeling Portfolio Picture

Here are a few more of our favorite photos from his acting and modeling portfolio session.

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