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Newborn Photography | Baby Jamie

Today we had the opportunity to photograph baby Jamie. We photographed her at our downtown Norfolk studio.

Many parents schedule their newborn baby photography weeks or months before their due date. Scheduling early ensures that we’ll be available to photograph the newborn while the baby is between 5 days and 2 weeks old. Babies settle into poses easily at this time.

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Jamie was actually 3 weeks old. She had contracted a cold right before her original scheduled session. Luckily, we were able to photographer her soon after. She was a perfect, tiny model.

Mom and Dad relaxed as they grabbed a snack in our waiting area. The studio is visible from the comfort of the waiting area. They could watch Scott and I hard at work. We placed Jamie in a variety of adorable poses.

Photographing newborns is one of the most rewarding photo shoots that we do. When we capture the perfect image of someone’s precious child, the results are priceless.

Newborn Photography
Jamie on Vintage Scale: Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography Highlights

There are so many highlights for me when photographing newborns. My favorite part of photographing any baby is getting her in the perfect position. I strive to capture that once in a lifetime portrait. With newborns, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes that takes a bit of work.

My favorite image from Jamie’s photo shoot is the photograph of her on the vintage scale and steamer trunk. We love to be able to incorporate authentic vintage props into our newborn portraits. At the studio, we have a variety of props that are prefect for newborns. We invite you to take a look at other newborn photography on our newborn photography gallery.

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