• Outdoor Maternity Portraits
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    Outdoor Maternity Portraits

    Outdoor Maternity Portraits

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    Outdoor maternity portraits are always beautiful. Especially when we are photographing in a destination like San Francisco.

    This couple is currently living in San Francisco and hired us to be their destination portrait photographer. They have follow our work for some time and knew that they wanted us to be their maternity portrait photographer.

    We were excited to be photographing in San Francisco and though we looked up many landmarks, it was great that they could direct us to some wonderful photographic backdrops.

    Maternity photographer.
    Maternity photographer.


    With outdoor maternity portraits, as well as any on location photography, it is good to know your surroundings and select unique backgrounds to make your pictures pop! Also, when photographing in a city like San Francisco, incorporating iconic areas will bring interests to your portraits.

    We started this photography portrait session on the stairs of city hall. We made sure that the location was identifiable so we framed the picture incorporating the wall lamps that are seen through out downtown San Francisco.


    Using a variety of lens choices from a zoom lens to a wide angles lens, helps us create a different perspective without moving the couple to far. Keeping your movement to a minimum is especially important to remember with your outdoor maternity portrait sessions.

    Maternity photography garden
    Maternity photography.


    In this photograph we framed our subject in this large door. In order to capture the height of this oversized doorway, we choose to photograph this our a wide angle lens.

    Maternity photograph
    Maternity photograph.

     Golden Gate Bridge Portraits

    Our last stop for our outdoor maternity session was the beach. No portrait session in San Francisco would be complete without incorporating, or trying to incorporate the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a very foggy day, but if you look closely you will see it!


    Are you expecting and would like unique maternity portraits or an outdoor maternity session? If so, contact us.

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    Aftershoot Norfolk Downtown & Beach – Mario & Meredith | Couples Lifestyle Photography

    We had the joy of photographing Mario & Meredith’s wedding a few weeks ago and had them join us again for an aftershoot.  Meredith put her wedding dress back on and Mario found a sharp looking suit and we hit the town.  Aftershoots allow us to create some more “edgy” shots without having to keep Mario & Meredith pristine for their wedding day.  We walked around some alleyways and streets of downtown Norfolk then headed to the beach for a quick romp through the water.  Too cool!  While these guys had shot with us a few times before, many of our aftershoot couples are first-timers with us wanting our style of photography but having already completed their wedding this is a great option!  Here’s a few shots of our afternoon with this fabulous couple:

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    Mary & Turner Aftershoot Norfolk | Couples Photography

    Mary and Turner returned for a late afternoon shoot at the Japanese Gardens in downtown Norfolk with us and it was great to get to know them a bit more after we shot their wedding a few weeks ago.  Aftershoots are a ton of fun and they have even been called “therapeutic” since it is a separate shoot from their wedding day where the bride & groom can let their hair down so-to-speak.  Away from the hustle & bustle of the wedding day our Aftershoots offer our couples a refreshing time where we can do some more creative shooting without the risk of getting the gown a bit dirty on the wedding day!  In Mary & Turners case her dress from Maya Couture made it through just fine but some of our bride & grooms end up in the water or rolling around in the beach…..you name it!  Mary’s make-up was terrific thanks to the talents of Kim Wadsworth and we even did some studio shooting to show that off.  So, if you want a do-over for your wedding day, or in Mary & Turner’s case just an evening out together for a few stress-free shots in your wedding attire – contact us and we’ll set up your own Aftershoot just for you!

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    Wedding Slideshow – Long Island, New York – Ryan & Xavia

    Ryan & Xavia have got the whole love thing down – and it shows. A wedding at the amazing Chateau Briand on Long Island provided the perfect showcase for their most perfect day. We also worked in a 3am trip to Times Square where we basically had the whole place to ourselves! After spending all day and into the next with them they didn’t miss a beat. They’re not just talking the talk. They’re walking the walk. They’ve got love and it’s bigger than the Big Apple.

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    New York City, Times Square – Ryan & Xavia’s Aftershoot

    The Big Apple is our backdrop for this shoot with Ryan & Xavia in Times Square, specifically.  I would have been tickled to just photograph all the lights and glitz of 42nd street but give me an awesome bride & groom and that just kicks it up a notch!  We hit the empty streets of Long Island at 2:30AM for a cruise down to Times Square to capture Broadway’s lights with a few less people in the way.  The streets were empty except for a few taxis and New York’s finest so we had the whole place to ourselves.  Say it with me now – Awesommmmme….. A big high five to our couple for allowing us to capture them on a shoot of a lifetime!  A few pics from our 3am excursion:

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    Aruba Wedding Pre-Shoot (Jeff & Jing) – Destination Wedding

    “One Happy Island”, that’s what they call Aruba. I can see why with so many things to see it is just a phenomenal place to photograph. Aruba really is unique as a Caribbean island with cactus, ruins, Divi trees and white sandy beaches – a combination you will find nowhere else! I would go to Aruba just to photograph the ruins, the crashing waves on the windward side and the white beaches of Eagle Beach. Now, give me a couple of beautiful people and that is just the cherry on top! We joined Jeff & Jing in Aruba for their wedding at the Westin where their wedding was going to be right on Palm Beach. Before their wedding though we headed out to photograph all around the tiny 19 mile island of Aruba. Our first stop was at the Alto Vista Chapel that sits high on a mountain top that gives a tremendous view of the entire island. After photographing there for a bit we headed down the dirt roads toward the rough side of Aruba where the waves constantly pound the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Jeff & Jing were willing to do about anything as we perched them on the edge of cliffs with waves crashing all around them. The Natural Bridge provided a quiet place for a few shots as we continued our 4-wheel drive trek through the outback of Aruba. The Bushiribana Gold Smelter Ruins gave us a great view of the Atlantic and the crumbling rocks of the ruins provided a very unique backdrop. Before we left we made sure to build a wishing rock tower in island tradition. While there was much to see on the windward side of Aruba we raced the sun back to the other side for some shots with the white sand beaches that Aruba is known for. Jeff & Jing were up for a roll in the surf so we kicked off our shoes for an Aruban “trash the dress” shoot! Before we dove in though we made sure to find the famous Divi trees on Eagle Beach for a couple of photographs.

    Destination wedding photography can be a real challenge with the travel and logistical issues but people like Jeff & Jing and locations like Aruba make it so worth while. All in all the day of photography was a boatload of fun as we explored Aruba with our good friends and got to know them and the island a whole lot better!

    Stay tuned for wedding pics!