• Virginia Beach wedding Dan and Tonya.
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    Stunning Virginia Beach Wedding Photography

    When Dan and Tonya sat down with us and shared that they wanted us to be their wedding photographers, we were elated. After meeting them, we knew that they would choose one of the best Virginia Beach wedding photography locations. They did just that! The result was stunning Virginia Beach wedding photography at the West Neck Signature golf course.

    Virginia Beach Wedding Photography

    Wedding photography private moment.
    wedding photography private moment.

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    The Signature at West Neck is one the Virginia Beach’s best kept wedding photography secrets. Nestled away deep in Virginia Beach, it is located along side the Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course. This golf course serves as an amazing backdrop for Virginia Beach wedding photography.

    The Wedding Details

    Virginia is for lovers! Dan and Tonya spared no cost bringing their love of Philadelphia to the heart of Virginia Beach. A stunning ice sculpture illuminates with hot fuchsia light. The glowing fuchsia theme radiated throughout.

    (Click on Gallery Photo Below to Enlarge)

    The Ceremony

    With the wedding ceremony set on the golf course, it gave us the most beautiful background for their wedding portraits. The lighting during the ceremony was incredible as the sun began to set behind them. Following the ceremony, we were able to sneak away for some amazing wedding photos with the bride, groom and bridal party.

    The Signature at West Neck: Virginia Beach Photography Locations

    Virginia Beach Wedding Photography.
    Virginia Beach wedding Dan and Tonya.

    By using zoom lenses, and creatively adjusting the light of our aperture setting, we created this beautiful wedding ceremony photo above.

    The composition focuses on the bride and groom and softens the backdrop at the same time. The softened backdrop creates a dreamy feel that is very desirable in wedding photography. We use a variety of lenses and lighting techniques to create different moods and highlight various objects in our wedding photography compositions.

    Your wedding style inspires our use of these creative photography techniques. On our blog, you’ll see a variety of wedding shots all composed and lit to enhance the theme of each wedding we photograph.

    Wedding Photography Couples Shot.
    Virginia Beach Wedding Photography
    Formal Wedding Photograph.
    Formal Wedding Photograph

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    We are Virginia Beach wedding photographers. We look forward to serving you and your family on your amazing wedding day.

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    San Francisco Wedding | Hayne Photographers

    When we were called by Serena and Jason to shoot their wedding in San Francisco, we were thrilled. We are destination wedding photographers. It wasn’t a destination wedding for Serena and Jason who live in San Francisco. They simply loved our wedding photography and wanted us to shoot their wedding.

    San Francisco Wedding Photography

    San Francisco Wedding Photography
    San Francisco Wedding Photography

    San Fran was an amazing backdrop for their gorgeous wedding photos. Since the groom attended Stanford University, we made the short trip to the campus to photograph the bride and groom in a place that is special to them both.

    Serena and Jason rented the vintage car for the photographs. Props can make a huge impact in photography and we think this prop was well chosen!

    Serena really had some special touches at her wedding. She had handkerchiefs embroidered with beautiful sayings for her mother and grandmother. More details included the bride and groom’s “signature drink” during cocktail hour and a casino themed reception room. All of these details are forever memorialized in her beautiful wedding photography.

    Photographing Wedding Details

    (click on images to enlarge)

    Every detail counts! We try to photograph them all. We know that brides spend months of wedding planning to create the perfect ceremony and reception. Capturing all the details really tells the complete story of her wedding.

    The Ceremony Photos

    (click on photos to enlarge)

    Serena and Jason’s wedding ceremony site overlooked a reservoir; it was breathtaking and we took advantage of the scenery to get some impactful images. Even when we travel, we bring all of our wedding photography equipment. We have the latest camera technology, lenses, and editing equipment to get the dramatic images you see here.

    Romantic Wedding Photography
    Romantic Wedding Photography

    In addition to photographing the bride and groom’s wedding, they wanted an additional San Francisco wedding photography after shoot. An after shoot is a chance to get even more great wedding photography that wouldn’t be possible on the wedding day.

    (click on photos to enlarge)

    Stanford University Wedding Photography
    Stanford University Wedding Photography

    We traveled around San Fran incorporating landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Baker’s Beach, the stunning court house and theater into their wedding photography.

    This San Francisco wedding photography, is just one example of the many destination weddings we shoot. Our home is in Norfolk, Virginia. We are minutes away from Virginia Beach, a popular place for wedding photography. We hope you’ll visit our wedding photography portfolio for more great wedding photography ideas.

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  • Bridal Portraits
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    Bridal Portraits | Virginia Wedding Photographer

    Bridal Portraits | Virginia Wedding Portrait Photographer

    Your bridal portraits should reflect your beauty. Anyone can take a photo. Capturing the essence of a bride is more takes an eye for detail. We know that when planning a wedding, you’re paying attention to every detail. We do the same for your bridal photography. That means using the best equipment available, skilled use of lighting and posing techniques, and perfectly editing your photos to enhance the mood we want to create.

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    Bridal Portraits
    Norfolk Bridal Portraits

    (click on image gallery to view images larger)

    You see it all the time in magazines – that sparkle in a model’s eyes that we all wish we could have in our photos. Your photos can have that sparkle! We shoot at just the right moment to get that perfect look. Sometimes people ask us if the brides on our site are models. No! We’ll admit, it’s even hard for us to tell that they aren’t when we see their bridal photos completed!

    Virginia Beach Bridal Photographer
    Virginia Beach Bridal Photographer

    (click on images in gallery to view larger)

    The bridal portraits in this blog post were taken at our Norfolk, Virginia studio. At our studio we have many beautiful backdrops and furniture props to enhance your photo shoot.

    We are Virginia wedding portraits photographers with a studio based in Norfolk. We not only photograph brides in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, but across the country and beyond. Take a look at our destination wedding photography page.

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    Botanical Gardens: Norfolk Wedding Photography

    Botanical Gardens: Norfolk Wedding Photography

    The Botanical Gardens is one of the more beautiful spots for Norfolk wedding photography. Jonathan and Katie’s wedding really shows off all the creative wedding photo opportunities in the gardens.

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    Dramatic Wedding Photography Through Creative Composition

    unique wedding photography
    Unique wedding photography.

    Creative camera angles enhance the drama of natural settings. The bride and groom are perfectly positioned against the green backdrop of the trees in this photo. This photo composition draws your eye toward our lovely subjects, yet exhibits the details of the sky, foliage, and landscape at the same time.

    Jonathan & Katie Got Married!

    wedding photography virginia beach
    Botanical gardens wedding photography.
    virginia beach wedding photography
    Virginia Beach wedding photography.

    At Hayne Photographers, we love using natural light in our photography. With filtered natural light, we can create softer lines, and subdued colors. And with brighter conditions we can create brilliant colored backdrops for our couples. Finding the perfectly lit location within the gardens is a matter of what type of mood we’d like the photo to express. A beautiful day for photos at the Botanical Gardens is one with great lighting! Sunshine with a few clouds gave us ample opportunities for a variety of lighting situations.

    norfolk wedding photographer hayne
    Formal photograph.
    wedding portraits
    Formal wedding portrait.
    virginia wedding photography
    Beautiful wedding photography.
    virginia beach wedding photography
    Virginia beach outdoor wedding photograph.
    wedding photography outdoor sky
    Outdoor bridal sky shot.

    hayne wedding photography

    classical bridal portrait
    Classical bridal portrait.
    wedding outdoor portraits
    Outdoor wedding photograph.
    wedding photography details
    Wedding rings detail photograph.

    We are Norfolk and Virginia Beach wedding photographers. We invite you to schedule an appointment to visit us at our studio. Call us at: 757-201-7973.

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    Vintage Themed Wedding Photography

    Our Son:  Hunter and New Daugther in Law Sharayu’s Vintage Themed Wedding Photography

    Being a wedding photographer and photographing beautiful weddings is always fulfilling. Being a wedding photographer and photographing your own son’s wedding is a double portion of joy!  Wedding’s like this don’t come around very often, especially when it is your own children.

    Hunter and Sharayu were engaged in February and decided they didn’t want a long engagement.  With the stress of the tight timeline, our dream team was still able to make our day absolutely flawless and magical.

    Now, sit back and relax. Enjoy our vintage themed wedding photography and gather ideas for your own vintage themed wedding.

    Virginia Beach Wedding Photography
    Virginia Beach Wedding Photography
    Father and Groom Vintage Wedding Theme
    Father and Groom Vintage Wedding Theme
    Bridal Photos: Getting Ready
    Bridal Photos: Getting Ready


    Bride with Mothers
    Bride with Mothers

    Beach Wedding Ceremony

    (Click on Gallery Photo Below to Enlarge)

    Beach Wedding Photographer
    Beach Wedding Photographer

    Vintage Themed Reception

    (click on photos to enlarge)

    Vintage Wedding Reception Decorations
    Vintage Wedding Reception Decorations


    How We Pulled Off the Vintage Theme

    Since we’re in the wedding industry we knew first hand who we wanted to be a part of this very special day.  Choosing wedding vendors is so important.  You don’t want any disappointment on your very special day.  For us, we went to the “dream team” of Virginia Beach and Norfolk weddings.

    With the overall direction of the one and only Antonia, or my Missy of Antonia Christianson Events  she got the ball rolling.  We quickly sat down with Daevid of Daevids and presented him with our style of the event.  A truly vintage wedding is what Sharayu wanted.  Daevid used his amazing artistry to create the entire, and I mean entire, event.

    The next step was the cake.  There was only one and it is Emily of Patti Cakes. There could never be another.  Then there is Jeremy.  No other lights our world or venues like him.  Jeremy of Blue Steel Lighting Design continued the vintage feel with amazing Edison lighting.

    Then there was catering.  Jodi of Sweetwater Cuisine  not only brings amazing food, but amazing people AND amazing design elements.  Hunter and Sharayu wanted relaxed food. Jodi did her magic and even brought a butter urn to dip your roasted cobs in!  There were cars, more cars, trucks, bikes and a vintage motorcycle.  All from amazing clients and friends. We knew the day would not be complete without an amazing car like a vintage Rolls Royce owned by Bob Hunter of Royal Coach.  With all these great vendors in one place we wanted a video of the amazing artistry. Dave of Vistionary Pro did an amazing job.

    There were so many more that helped bring our event to life.  All of these folks have impacted our lives in such an incredible way.  Thank you for using your artistry and gifts for Hunter and Sharayu’s wedding day!

    Vintage Themed Wedding Photography
    Vintage Themed Wedding Photography
    Vintage Themed Wedding Photography
    Vintage Themed Wedding Photography
    Virginia Beach Vintage Themed Wedding
    Virginia Beach Vintage Themed Wedding
    Virginia Beach Bridal Photo
    Virginia Beach Bridal Photo

    You Amazing Wedding Ideas

    Your amazing wedding deserves amazing photography. Let Hayne Photographers capture your wedding with all the attention to detail that you see here.

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    Bridal Portraits at the Homestead | Mary | Destination Wedding Photographer

    Ah…what can I say…The Homestead. Does luxury and relaxation get any better then there?  A beautiful setting with a beautiful view, with natural springs and, well, you name it and they have it.

    We had the amazing pleasure of shooting Mary’s bridal session and her wedding at the Homstead. Shooting Mary at the Homestead is like stepping back in time.

    Here’s a glimpse into Mary’s Bridal and the Homestead Experience.




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    Renaissance Hotel Aruba – Oksana’s Bridal Shoot

    We knew we had a home run wedding when we saw Oksana for the first time in Aruba! She was one of our 4 brides we photographed on our recent Aruba destination wedding flurry but she was special because we had never met her before – just via Skype. Seeing her gorgeous dress and her amazing flowers – we just had to take a few moments with her at the Aruba Renaissance Hotel and do some shooting with her around their immaculate grounds. The wind was a bit stiff but it just made her gown do the coolest things! The Renaissance hotel is right on the beach in Aruba so we had the beautiful panoramas of that along with their tropical gardens and pools surrounded by palm trees. Just 15 minutes with an amazing bride and magic happens! Here’s Oksana:

  • Bridal

    Jennifer’s Bridal

    It’s just a real pain when we have to wait until after the wedding to post images from a bridal shoot. We’ve been sitting on these for a few weeks now but alas, Jennifer got married and now she can show off her dress for all to see! We took over Huber Court at the Chrysler Museum for about an hour and we came up with some great shots. Stay tuned for a few shots from their wedding! But, for now….it’s just Jennifer!