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Your bridal portraits should reflect your beauty. Anyone can take a photo. Capturing the essence of a bride is more takes an eye for detail. We know that when planning a wedding, you’re paying attention to every detail. We do the same for your bridal photography. That means using the best equipment available, skilled use of lighting and posing techniques, and perfectly editing your photos to enhance the mood we want to create.

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Bridal Portraits
Norfolk Bridal Portraits

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You see it all the time in magazines – that sparkle in a model’s eyes that we all wish we could have in our photos. Your photos can have that sparkle! We shoot at just the right moment to get that perfect look. Sometimes people ask us if the brides on our site are models. No! We’ll admit, it’s even hard for us to tell that they aren’t when we see their bridal photos completed!

Virginia Beach Bridal Photographer
Virginia Beach Bridal Photographer

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The bridal portraits in this blog post were taken at our Norfolk, Virginia studio. At our studio we have many beautiful backdrops and furniture props to enhance your photo shoot.

We are Virginia wedding portraits photographers with a studio based in Norfolk. We not only photograph brides in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, but across the country and beyond. Take a look at our destination wedding photography page.

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