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Bride Groom Dancing in Field

Are you looking for a Virginia Wedding Photographer? Contact us today! Slater Wedding Virginia Wedding Photographer – Hayne Photographers We are a Virginia Wedding Photographer team as well as Destination Wedding Photographers. We love to shoot beautiful weddings in beautiful venues. Melissa and Jon were no exception. What better place to have your wedding photography services rendered then a beautiful field setting like Urbanna, Virginia? Find out more about our wedding photography services here.   Wedding Preparation Photos With Jon and Melissa we made sure that we had some great wedding preparation pictures. For our bride and groom’s these shots are different from week to week. We also highlight preparation photos of the bride and groom as well as wedding details. (click on image to enlarge) Pre Wedding Ceremony Bride and Groom Portraits When a bride and groom have not chosen to see each other before their wedding ceremony, or what we call a “first look”, we capture beautiful wedding portraits of them individually. (click on image to enlarge)   Unique Wedding Photography Portraits With every bride and groom we are going to do traditional wedding portraits. Our real love is in creating unique wedding photography. We achieve this by surveying our surroundings and using unique composition and lighting. When a bride and groom give us such a gorgeous location is it hard to go wrong. Here are two wedding portraits outside the historic Lower United Methodist Church. This s a great example of both of more of a traditional wedding portrait, and while in the same location, using a more unique wedding photography approach. Wedding Reception Detail Photos Photographing wedding reception details is an important job as a wedding photographer. Jon and Melissa had such amazing reception details that we can’t show them all here, but here are some of our favorites! No doubt you will be finding lots of these pictures on our Pinterest board soon! (click on image to enlarge) Sunset Wedding Pictures When planning a wedding we always consult with our brides and grooms on their wedding day timeline. Photographing our bride and groom as sunset is always recommended. The fact that we are a Virginia Wedding Photographer team we know our area inside and out. We have our sunset calendar at our right hand. Our sunset calendar is our “go to” for all weddings and portrait sessions. Check out this beautiful couple in the most beautiful light of any day. Click here to learn more about our lighting (click on image to enlarge) We will leave you with one more wedding picture. This picture really sums up the bride and groom. The right footwear is critical for a long wedding day and Jon and Melissa have shown us how to do it right! If you are interested in viewing Jon and Melissa’s amazing engagement session, you can view it here. Are you looking for a Virginia Wedding Photographer? Contact us today! Check out more of our wedding portfolio.      

Engagement Session | Jon & Melissa

Urbanna Engagement Session

Engagement Session – Melissa & Jon Are you getting engaged? Are you looking for a creative engagement session? Contact us today. Melissa and Jon are engaged. We were excited to photograph their engagement pictures. Jon’s family owns property in Urbanna, Virginia. When they asked if we could travel to do their engagement session, we were excited. We always love exploring new areas. We love photographing destination weddings and destination photo sessions. The property where these engagement pictures were taken, is where their wedding reception would be held. It is property located on a historic horse race track. Urbanna, Virginia Historic Race Track This historic horse race track. was the home of many Kentucky Derby race horses. It originated in the 1920s.  Many horses were bred and trained here. One of the most famous race horses that was raised on this farm was Sun Beau. You can learn more about him here. The property was as amazing as Melissa and Jon. We love to photograph engagement sessions. When we photograph couples in an area that has history,we love it even more! The area was full of vacant horse stables. These structures were absolutely stunning. Almost as stunning as Melissa and Jon. Outdoor Engagement Session Photographing outdoor engagement sessions always offers a variety of backgrounds. This especially happens when you are on a farm in Urbanna, Virginia. We always are looking for a variety of back grounds and settings. This farm was full of creative back drops and scenery.   Landscape Photography Scott’s background comes from landscape photography. He has a love for beautiful landscapes. When we are photographing an portrait sessions we are always looking for things that we can compose in the foreground. Adding interest in the foreground of your subject creates added interest in your images. It also helps our clients remember exactly where they were and how they felt at the time the shutter snaps.   Pet Photography Many of our engaged couples are pet owners of some very special pets. We love to incorporate pets into our portrait sessions. Whether it is an engagement session, high school senior portrait session or family session, including your pet creates lasting memories. Meet Melissa and Jon’s beautiful Basset Hounds. They were like models. They did great on their first official photo shoot! Wait until you see their adorable wedding cake topper! It is a replica of these two precious puppies.   Sunset Engagement Session We love scheduling our portrait sessions around the golden hour. In photography the golden hour would be one hour prior to sunset. By photographing a portrait session during that hour you are almost guaranteed great light. Great light is everything to creating a great portrait. Melissa and Jon have an amazing pier that sets on the river. As you can see, a combination of a beautiful couple, beautiful light and a beautiful setting creates beautiful portraits! We are excited to post images from Melissa and Jon’s amazing wedding. Check back soon to view that post. View more of our couples portfolio here. Here you can learn more about our photography services,  

Vintage Themed Maternity Photography | Maternity Photographer

Unique maternity photography

Are you pregnant and looking to have maternity portraits taken? Contact us today! Maternity Photography The weather was absolutely beautiful for Larry and Jessi’s maternity photography session. After a cold winter, warm temperatures were a perfect setting for a gorgeous evening to take portraits. When you look at Jessi, it is hard to believe that she is due any day. She is 9 months pregnant. She will be the envy of all pregnant mothers to be when they look at these photos. We had to make a conscious effort to make sure that we posed her sideways. That way we would ensure that the viewer would know that she is pregnant. We also photographed a couples session for Larry and Jessi. If you would like to see Jessi before she was pregnant you can view their session. Click on image to enlarge   Since Jessi found out she was pregnant she started dreaming about her maternity portrait session. She knew from the beginning that she wanted something unique. She decided that a vintage themed photo shoot was what she wanted. Having months to plan, we were able to find the perfect location. In searching for a location we wanted rustic buildings, texture and a grassy field to photograph. In Smithfield we found the answer. Click on image to enlarge   We think the best time to schedule a maternity photography session is from 7-9 months. Vintage Themed Photo Shoot In a vintage themed photo shoot is it important to consider several things. The location, the dress and props are critical. Larry and Jessi did an amazing job choosing the perfect outfits. We brought an authentic vintage steamer trunk and a chair. With that combination we were able to create some unique vintage themed maternity portraits. Click on image to enlarge Sunset Maternity Portraits One additional critical element in creating a vintage themed photography session is picking the right time of the day to photograph. When we think of vintage photos we think of warm light. Scheduling them at sunset was key. For Larry and Jessi, this is their last pregnancy. Grayson Thomas will be their third child and it’s a boy! They already have two beautiful girls. Because it is their last, they knew they wanted something very special for their photo session. Click on image to enlarge   Our next photo session with them will be for their newborn photography! Remember that most expectant moms schedule their maternity photography and newborn session as soon as they find out that they are pregnant. To find out more about scheduling your maternity or newborn photography, contact us today.

Engagement Photos | Molly and Eddie

virginia beach engagement photo shoot

Contact us today for engagement photos and wedding information. Engagement photos are not only fun, but important for our clients. We call the engagement session their rehearsal for their wedding day. We find that most people are slightly uncomfortable in front of the camera for the first time. By shooting and engagement session, it helps ease the minds of our brides and grooms. They no longer worry about having the perfect wedding photos! Outdoor Engagement Photography Engagement Photos Meet Molly and Eddie. When looking for a wedding photographer, they knew that they wanted a photographer that could capture the essence of who they are and make them look their very best. What an honor to be chosen to be both their wedding and engagement photographer! For engagement photos, most couples will choose a location that represents who they are. For their engagement pictures, Molly & Eddie wanted a beautiful and natural setting. To begin their engagement session we wanted to capture some candid moments. We found this great path through this beautiful forest. This was the perfect setting for what we were envisioning.   It is great to start to a photo shoot is capturing candid pictures. Movement adds interest to a photograph. Also, capturing candid photos help our couples relax. The couple become comfortable in front of the camera. The area was so beautiful, we set up this next series of photos. We used the path to draw the viewer’s eye to the subject. The result is a beautiful portrait. We photographed Molly and Eddie by the tree in a romantic pose. We then discovered a barn that would be the next perfect portrait spot! We used a couple of different lighting techniques in the barn.   We love experimenting with light. Using different lighting techniques gives you various results without having to move your clients. What a great way to take advantage of a small area. For tips and tricks of our lighting techniques, check out our lighting information. For us it is important to incorporate the surroundings in a portrait. By doing this our client can reference exactly where they were, what they were thinking and remembering the experience of their portrait session.   If you need posing tips for your engagement session, you may like this tool. Molly has always been a tree climber. When we saw this beautiful tree we knew it was a must to include in their engagement photos. The limbs on the tree fit Molly perfectly.  We were able to create some relaxed and more candid photos using the tree as our prop. By using a variety of lenses we were able to capture multiple looks in the pictures. With the help of a wide angle lens we are able to capture the grandness of the tree. We are looking forward to Molly and Eddie’s wedding day. Stop back by the blog soon for their wedding day portraits! Find out more about our wedding photography. Call 757-201-7973 today to schedule your engagement photo session or wedding consult. We would love to learn more about your wedding and how we can capture the perfect pictures for you!

Stunning Virginia Beach Wedding Photography

Virginia Beach wedding Dan and Tonya.

When Dan and Tonya sat down with us and shared that they wanted us to be their wedding photographers, we were elated. After meeting them, we knew that they would choose one of the best Virginia Beach wedding photography locations. They did just that! The result was stunning Virginia Beach wedding photography at the West Neck Signature golf course. Virginia Beach Wedding Photography Find out more about Hayne Wedding Photographers. Or, Contact Us to schedule your Virginia Beach Wedding Photography today. The Signature at West Neck is one the Virginia Beach’s best kept wedding photography secrets. Nestled away deep in Virginia Beach, it is located along side the Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course. This golf course serves as an amazing backdrop for Virginia Beach wedding photography. The Wedding Details Virginia is for lovers! Dan and Tonya spared no cost bringing their love of Philadelphia to the heart of Virginia Beach. A stunning ice sculpture illuminates with hot fuchsia light. The glowing fuchsia theme radiated throughout. (Click on Gallery Photo Below to Enlarge) The Ceremony With the wedding ceremony set on the golf course, it gave us the most beautiful background for their wedding portraits. The lighting during the ceremony was incredible as the sun began to set behind them. Following the ceremony, we were able to sneak away for some amazing wedding photos with the bride, groom and bridal party. The Signature at West Neck: Virginia Beach Photography Locations By using zoom lenses, and creatively adjusting the light of our aperture setting, we created this beautiful wedding ceremony photo above. The composition focuses on the bride and groom and softens the backdrop at the same time. The softened backdrop creates a dreamy feel that is very desirable in wedding photography. We use a variety of lenses and lighting techniques to create different moods and highlight various objects in our wedding photography compositions. Your wedding style inspires our use of these creative photography techniques. On our blog, you’ll see a variety of wedding shots all composed and lit to enhance the theme of each wedding we photograph. (Click on Gallery Photo Below to Enlarge) We are Virginia Beach wedding photographers. We look forward to serving you and your family on your amazing wedding day. Find out how we can capture the wedding images you have always dreamed of. Schedule a consultation with us at our studio. We’ll gather all the details of your wedding day plans and share how you too can have stunning Virginia Beach wedding photography like you see here!” If you would like to see more of our wedding photography including Norfolk, Williamsburg, Hampton and Virginia Beach Photography, visit our wedding portfolios. Don’t delay! Saturday wedding photography books quickly. We want you to have the wedding photography you deserve. Call today: 757-201-7973  

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Hayne Photographers Wedding

When we were called by Serena and Jason to shoot their wedding in San Francisco, we were thrilled. We are destination wedding photographers. It wasn’t a destination wedding for Serena and Jason who live in San Francisco. They simply loved our wedding photography and wanted us to shoot their wedding. San Francisco Wedding Photography San Fran was an amazing backdrop for their gorgeous wedding photos. Since the groom attended Stanford University, we made the short trip to the campus to photograph the bride and groom in a place that is special to them both. Serena and Jason rented the vintage car for the photographs. Props can make a huge impact in photography and we think this prop was well chosen! Serena really had some special touches at her wedding. She had handkerchiefs embroidered with beautiful sayings for her mother and grandmother. More details included the bride and groom’s “signature drink” during cocktail hour and a casino themed reception room. All of these details are forever memorialized in her beautiful wedding photography. Photographing Wedding Details (click on images to enlarge) Every detail counts! We try to photograph them all. We know that brides spend months of wedding planning to create the perfect ceremony and reception. Capturing all the details really tells the complete story of her wedding. The Ceremony Photos (click on photos to enlarge) Serena and Jason’s wedding ceremony site overlooked a reservoir; it was breathtaking and we took advantage of the scenery to get some impactful images. Even when we travel, we bring all of our wedding photography equipment. We have the latest camera technology, lenses, and editing equipment to get the dramatic images you see here. In addition to photographing the bride and groom’s wedding, they wanted an additional San Francisco wedding photography after shoot. An after shoot is a chance to get even more great wedding photography that wouldn’t be possible on the wedding day. (click on photos to enlarge) We traveled around San Fran incorporating landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Baker’s Beach, the stunning court house and theater into their wedding photography. This San Francisco wedding photography, is just one example of the many destination weddings we shoot. Our home is in Norfolk, Virginia. We are minutes away from Virginia Beach, a popular place for wedding photography. We hope you’ll visit our wedding photography portfolio for more great wedding photography ideas. Contact Us at 757-201-7973 to book your wedding (where ever it might be) today.

Family Photography Session

Family Photography Session Contact us today for your family photography session! Family photography sessions are always fun and rewarding.  Being in such a beautiful area, as Norfolk, Virginia is such a picturesque setting for any outdoor portrait sessions. With a great mix of beaches, beautiful landscapes and history, it really is second to none. Heading out to the park with any couple and their dog is always an exciting adventure.  People enjoy bringing their pets along to their session because they are a part of their family!  Not only do with love that, we encourage it!  Photographing pets can be challenging, but in this case, it was a breeze. See more of our pet portfolio here. Locations like the Pagoda Gardens in Norfolk is just perfect. With the beautiful landscaping and being positioned on the River, you can’t go wrong. Having your portraits done in the fall is always stunning with the changing of the colors of the leaves. Our favorite part of portraits at the Pagoda Gardens is the river view. Photographing at sunset always brings great portraits. Lighting can be tricky at sunset, however, with the right lighting your sunset photography will be a success every time! Have you had family portraits done recently?  If not….it’s time.  Contact us today to schedule your family photography session.

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Vintage style wedding photography.

Newport News Wedding Photography Tonya and Tracey’s Newport News wedding photography is one for the record books. It’s just gorgeous! These dramatic images were taken at the Marriot in Newport News, Virginia. While Hayne Photographer’s studio is located in Norfolk, we do wedding photography throughout the area and even throughout the world. Contact us today to book your engagement photos or wedding photography. How do we get such dramatic wedding photos? This image is an easy favorite. The car is a wonderful wedding prop to set up the dramatic power of this photograph. We use a variety of lens when we shoot weddings. Our use of different camera lens, and the latest photo editing technology helps us create amazing effects in your photos. You can almost feel the car moving forward; it’s the perfect, romantic send-off wedding photo!     Interested is us being your wedding photographer? Contact us today!            

Outdoor Maternity Portraits

Outdoor Maternity Portraits

Outdoor Maternity Portraits Contact us today to schedule your portraits! Outdoor maternity portraits are always beautiful. Especially when we are photographing in a destination like San Francisco. This couple is currently living in San Francisco and hired us to be their destination portrait photographer. They have follow our work for some time and knew that they wanted us to be their maternity portrait photographer. We were excited to be photographing in San Francisco and though we looked up many landmarks, it was great that they could direct us to some wonderful photographic backdrops.   With outdoor maternity portraits, as well as any on location photography, it is good to know your surroundings and select unique backgrounds to make your pictures pop! Also, when photographing in a city like San Francisco, incorporating iconic areas will bring interests to your portraits. We started this photography portrait session on the stairs of city hall. We made sure that the location was identifiable so we framed the picture incorporating the wall lamps that are seen through out downtown San Francisco.   Using a variety of lens choices from a zoom lens to a wide angles lens, helps us create a different perspective without moving the couple to far. Keeping your movement to a minimum is especially important to remember with your outdoor maternity portrait sessions.   In this photograph we framed our subject in this large door. In order to capture the height of this oversized doorway, we choose to photograph this our a wide angle lens.  Golden Gate Bridge Portraits Our last stop for our outdoor maternity session was the beach. No portrait session in San Francisco would be complete without incorporating, or trying to incorporate the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a very foggy day, but if you look closely you will see it!   Are you expecting and would like unique maternity portraits or an outdoor maternity session? If so, contact us. See more of our portfolio here.

Virginia Beach Engagement Photography | Kathryn & Ryan

Virginia Beach Engagement Photography

Dramatic and beautiful, the photos in this Virginia Beach engagement photography session say it all! Contact us today for your engagement photo shoot, wedding photography, or couples portraits. Meet Kathryn & Ryan. They love the beach and wanted to incorporate it into their engagement portraits. Since we are surrounded by beautiful beaches it still can be a challenge to make a photograph interesting. In this image you will see the focus is still the couple, however, by incorporating the background with a wide angle lens, they will be able to remember exactly where they were and what they were feeling at the time the image was captured. Also by using the latest technology in lighting we are able to capture this beautiful sky. If you would like to learn more about our lighting, here are some basic lighting tips. (click on photos below to enlarge) Being able to capture a real moment in your engagement portraits is always what we strive for. Getting to know our clients and building a relationship helps them be more comfortable during their photo session. Couples photography isn’t just for engagements. We photograph couples celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or just celebrating life. Virginia Beach and Norfolk provide wonderful beaches and urban settings that make for creative engagement photos. We look forward to help you celebrate your love with lasting images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Please visit our wedding portfolio to see Virginia Beach weddings as well as weddings we’ve photographed across the US and Caribbean. Contact us today to schedule your Virginia Beach engagement photography today!  

Couples Portrait | Larry & Jessi

Couples Portraits

Celebrate your engagement,  anniversary, or simply celebrate love with couples portraits. A couples portrait session not only give you great images, but it’s a fun experience that you’ll always remember. These fun portraits were taken in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. Some are in our studio and others are actually on the city streets. Schedule your portraits today. Contact us. (click on the photos above to enlarge) Really great portrait photography captures “the look”. That exact moment when your eyes glisten and pierce the lens. We use the best digital technology in our camera and flash equipment so that we never miss “the look”. (click on the images in the gallery below to enlarge) Let us serve you for couples portraits, wedding photography, or family photos. Call 757-201-7973

Trash the Dress – Mario & Mario’s Aftershoot – Portrait Photographer

Norfolk photographer

If you would like to couple’s session or a Trash the Dress Session, contact us!   Trash the Dress Who wants to trash their dress? Well that may sound shocking at first, but when you consider the images that will get from the session, you may reconsider. Trash the dress is a trend that is happening that gives brides an excuse to wear their wedding gowns for a second time. The result is amazing wedding photos. On a wedding day we can’t have a bride in urban settings in the ocean, however we can for this session. It is a new wedding style photography session that creates a contrasting image. An elegant bride in the city streets, abandoned buildings or in the water. This contrasting image is generally breathtaking and captures everyone’s eye. Mario and Meredith did their Trash the Dress session on their one year anniversary.   Urban Trash the Dress Portraits Click on image to enlarge We started their portrait session in downtown. We wanted to incorporate the texture of the old brick and texture of our historic area. Having the lightrail in downtown, we decided to include it in a photograph. By using the technique of dragging the shutter we were able to create a unique picture. By using this technique we are able to blur the moving object while freezing the bride and groom in the frame. Beach Trash the Dress Pictures At sunset we headed to the beach to finish our session. We always shoot our beach portraits at sunset allowing us to have great light. We knew that this would definitely be the last stop for photos because Meredith wanted to get in the ocean in her wedding gown. Before getting in the water we like to utilize the other areas of the beach. Using the sand dunes and the jettys we get a variety of looks in a small area. Click on image to enlarge   What a beautiful sunset we had. The colors in the sky were amazing. By using the off camera lighting technique, we are able to create dramatic portraits. Click on image to enlarge Do you want to create dramatic lighting? We may be able to help! What do you think? Are you ready to Trash your Dress? Contact us today for more information. By the way, Mario and Meredith are pregnant. Next up will be newborn portraits!      

Vintage Themed Wedding Photography

Virginia Beach Wedding Photography

Our Son:  Hunter and New Daugther in Law Sharayu’s Vintage Themed Wedding Photography Being a wedding photographer and photographing beautiful weddings is always fulfilling. Being a wedding photographer and photographing your own son’s wedding is a double portion of joy!  Wedding’s like this don’t come around very often, especially when it is your own children. Hunter and Sharayu were engaged in February and decided they didn’t want a long engagement.  With the stress of the tight timeline, our dream team was still able to make our day absolutely flawless and magical. Now, sit back and relax. Enjoy our vintage themed wedding photography and gather ideas for your own vintage themed wedding. Beach Wedding Ceremony (Click on Gallery Photo Below to Enlarge) Vintage Themed Reception (click on photos to enlarge)   How We Pulled Off the Vintage Theme Since we’re in the wedding industry we knew first hand who we wanted to be a part of this very special day.  Choosing wedding vendors is so important.  You don’t want any disappointment on your very special day.  For us, we went to the “dream team” of Virginia Beach and Norfolk weddings. With the overall direction of the one and only Antonia, or my Missy of Antonia Christianson Events  she got the ball rolling.  We quickly sat down with Daevid of Daevids and presented him with our style of the event.  A truly vintage wedding is what Sharayu wanted.  Daevid used his amazing artistry to create the entire, and I mean entire, event. The next step was the cake.  There was only one and it is Emily of Patti Cakes. There could never be another.  Then there is Jeremy.  No other lights our world or venues like him.  Jeremy of Blue Steel Lighting Design continued the vintage feel with amazing Edison lighting. Then there was catering.  Jodi of Sweetwater Cuisine  not only brings amazing food, but amazing people AND amazing design elements.  Hunter and Sharayu wanted relaxed food. Jodi did her magic and even brought a butter urn to dip your roasted cobs in!  There were cars, more cars, trucks, bikes and a vintage motorcycle.  All from amazing clients and friends. We knew the day would not be complete without an amazing car like a vintage Rolls Royce owned by Bob Hunter of Royal Coach.  With all these great vendors in one place we wanted a video of the amazing artistry. Dave of Vistionary Pro did an amazing job. There were so many more that helped bring our event to life.  All of these folks have impacted our lives in such an incredible way.  Thank you for using your artistry and gifts for Hunter and Sharayu’s wedding day! You Amazing Wedding Ideas Your amazing wedding deserves amazing photography. Let Hayne Photographers capture your wedding with all the attention to detail that you see here. Contact us today to book your wedding photography.  

Wedding at The Signature at West Neck | Dan & Tonya | International Wedding Photographers

Weddings at The Signature at West Neck are always beautiful, but when you add a stunning couple like Dan and Tonya, you can knock it out of the park.  Dan and Tonya helped us start our wedding season off with a bang by choosing an amazing venue with amazing vendors.  Tonya’s design taste is second to none and with the help of Pinterest you can’t go wrong.  With couture by Ava Clara, floral design by Daevids, lighting by Blue Steel Lighting Design, a cake by Patti Cakes, Ice art by Ice Art, Inc.,tunes by DJ Rodney Charles of Astro DJs the beauty of The Signature at West Neck under the coordination of Staci Jelley, it’s bound to be a wedding wonderland. Here are just a few images of the wedding day.