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Editorial Photographer Are you looking for an editorial photographer for your next magazine cover or layout? Contact us today for more information. Editorial Photography We have had many opportunities to be an editorial photographer for multiple magazines. This is our first time photographing for Military Spouse Magazine. In researching the magazine it has a very large distribution and has had many celebrities line their magazine covers. Monthly Military Spouse magazine circulation is 70,000. Celebrities like Shaq to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge have been photographed for the cover of this magazine. Just last month Shaq was photographed for the cover for his “Shaq-A-Claus!” campaign. For us to photograph the cover for January, following Shaq, was exciting. There was quite a photographic standard in place that we needed to meet or exceed. We got the call to photograph the cover and feature images for an article on Vista of VistaPix Media. Read the article in it’s entirety here. If you would like to purchase the magazine, here is the site to do so. When we are photographing for a magazine, it is very important that we work closely with the art director. From there we receive specific instructions on their layout and vision for the magazine cover photo as well as the layout. Once we receive that information, we then can incorporate our photographic artistry. When we include our own creative vision, it helps the publication have multiple options when choosing their final photos. As an editorial photographer it is important for us to bring out the best in our clients. It is no different then photographing any other client. We want to ensure that we highlight the best features, helping them look their best. Our full service studio helps us achieve this goal. We also can provide hair and make up artists for any of our photographic sessions. As a final touch, our editing will ensure that no detail is missed. The client and the magazine will be thrilled with the final product. This magazine cover photo was a clean modern look that changed dramatically from the original vision for the cover. The collaboration between the art director and the photographer is essential to achieving a product that is suitable for their magazine but also incorporates the photographers artistic vision. This is the latest of many editorial projects that we have photographed. If you would like to see more samples of our editorial photography, please contact us today.