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School Photography | School Sport and Event Photographer Maury High School, class of 2016, it’s time to schedule your formal yearbook portraits!  Schedule here. Choose “Maury Senior Formal Yearbook Portrait“. Norfolk Collegiate, class of 2016, it’s time to schedule your formal yearbook portraits. Schedule here. Choose “Norfolk Collegiate Senior Week!”     Formal Yearbook Photo Preparation At Hayne Photographers we have your drape and tuxedo for you. Girls, please bring a cami top to wear under your drape. Boys, please bring a white t-shirt to wear under our tuxedo shirt. Girls, please remember your jewelry. A beautiful pair of earrings and necklace really set the tone for a stunning formal yearbook photo. Please avoid tan lines! Tan lines will show up in your formal yearbook picture.   Our Photography Studio Our photography studio is located in the historic district of downtown Norfolk. Our address is 300 W. Freemason Street, Norfolk, 23510. Our studio number is 757-201-7973. There is street parking available as well as parking in the back of the building. When parking in the rear of the building, please use the curb marked “Hayne Photo”. We are located on the 2nd floor. (click on image to enlarge)   Casual Senior Portraits Are you looking for unique casual senior portraits? At Hayne Photographers we try to create one of a kind portraits that capture who your senior really is! Maybe you would like urban senior portraits. Maybe your would like beach senior portraits? Maybe you would like rural senior portraits? Whatever it is, we can do that for you.   View Karlie’s senior portrait session to get an idea of our causal senior photos.   For Maury High School, Norfolk Collegiate and Hampton Christian High School  uprising seniors we are offering a $25 Express Session. Our Express Session is a 30 minute session with indoor and outdoor session at our studio. Print packages for our Express Session start at just $49. To get more information regarding our senior portrait sessions, click here. To view our current pricing view the paragraph “Learn more about our senior portrait sessions”. Just click on the image Senior 411 and read the details.   Booking your discount senior portrait session is easy! Book here. Please choose from the drop down menu Senior Express Session. You can also add your casual senior portrait session to your yearbook appointment. Just choose that option on our website. To view more of our senior portfolio, visit our gallery.          

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TEDx – Event Photography Are you looking for someone to cover your TEDx event? Maybe you are looking for a photographer for your corporate event. If so, we would love to provide you more information on our event photography. Contact us today for more details. Event Photography Event photography is always very interesting because we get to photograph cool and eclectic events. We recently photographed the TEDx Hampton Roads event. Not only was it an interesting event to photographically cover, it was educational as well. When we are photographing events we are documenting all that is happening. We also are trying to capture the excitement of the event as well. We also try to photograph the behind the scenes photos. The companies that we photograph for appreciate these types of photos. It really shines on the media and technical end of the event which is important to a successful event. You may be asking yourself, what is a TEDx event? Well, it is a local gathering event where TED like talks and videos that were previously recorded at TED conferences are shared. The content of each TEDx event is unique to their event. TED events use live speakers and videos that are idea focused. They generally cover a wide range of ideas and subjects. These subjects generally help us learn, inspire or provoke conversations that matter. TEDx events generally have a variety of diverse issues and voices. The main goal of these events is to just spark conversation and connect people through community. Now that you understand the TEDx events, you can imagine how enjoyable it is to photograph this type of event! Here are some images of just a few speakers that shared at this TEDx event.   If you are in need of event photography, contact us today for more information.        

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Event Photography Are you looking for an event photographer to cover your special event? Contact us for more information on our photographic services. Live Band Photo Event Photographer Event photography covers a wide range of types of events. It can be anything from a birthday celebration to a sporting event, from a military event to corporate parties. Event photography covers any event that you would like to documented in pictures. We recently photographed a live band that was performing for a student event. We were able to capture some pretty awesome live band photos. When photographing a performing band, we want to capture the excitement. We want to capture the excitement of the musicians as well as the crowd that is in attendance. For this live band photo shoot there were elements of the performance that helped enhance the images. The hazers and the lights create depth and texture to the photos where as without them, the image may seem flat. Check out all the excitement of this live band photography. I think that you will agree that everyone was having a great time! (click on an image to enlarge)     View more of our band and musician’s portfolio. Contact us today to schedule us for your event photography.