• Ballerina Front Cathedral
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    Urban Ballerina Photography Session

    Urban Ballerina Photography Session

    We love doing unique photography. That’s why we decided to do an urban ballerina photography session.


    Urban Ballerina Photography Session
    Urban Ballerina Portrait


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    Urban Location

    We recently did a senior sessions with the girls in these images. Dance is a very important aspect of their life. We thought it would be fun to do an artistic shoot with them. We chose three different locations that each had their own unique look. A big part of getting great images is finding the perfect setting. Research the locations you want to use before each session. Our studio is very close to an urban downtown area. We are always finding new and creative spots there for our sessions.


    Outfit Pairings

    Each girl brought an outfit that complimented the textures of each setting. We love it when we can pair beautiful outfits with the location. Their outfits also added in each girls’ unique personal flair. For one portrait our dancer wore a beautiful white ballet outfit. It stood out against the dark industrial background (image above).

    For this portrait our dancer wore a bright red gown that complimented the faded brick wall.

    Ballerina Red Gown
    Ballerina In Red Gown


    For this portrait we wanted to add in a stunning background. The church was a perfect paring for the dancers outfit. It was exactly what we wanted for our artistic shoot.

    Ballerina Front Cathedral
    Ballerina In Front Of Church


    In this portrait our ballerina wore a tutu that gave a lighthearted feel to the overall image.

    Ballerina Alley
    Ballerina In Alley


    Some tips for getting great pictures like these is to use good lighting. We used off camera flash and a deflector to bounce lighting onto the dancers. It really helped to make the portraits pop. Since we were working with dancers it was important to capture their beautiful posture. A great way to do that is with proper posing. You can read our guide here to learn more.


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