Event Photography

Live Band Photo

Event Photography Are you looking for an event photographer to cover your special event? Contact us for more information on our photographic services. Live Band Photo Event Photographer Event photography covers a wide range of types of events. It can be anything from a birthday celebration to a sporting event, from a military event to […]

Digital Composites | Hayne Photographers

Creating digital composites is a lot of fun for us.  It is a time where you can really take your photography to a new level.  Being able to create a feel or theme for an image without leaving your studio is simply amazing.  You basically can dream up and image, and make it happen.  Are […]

Band Shoot | Rockwell Lane | Virginia Portrait Artist

Rockwell Lane, a local band in the Virginia area, came to up for a cool promotional band shoot.  We love the chance to photograph musicians.  Generally they are very artsy and easy to work with.  Have a look at the hip new band below and if you have a chance stop on by their page […]

Strictly Bizzness | Band Shoot | Virginia Celebrity Photographer

Strictly Bizzness: Digital Composite

So if you thought that Rockwell Lane was epic…meet Strictly Bizzness.  It is always so much fun shooting bands and musicians.  They always know what they want and make our lives easy.  Photographing them is usually short, sweet and epic.  Find out more about a having band shoot. Call us at 757-201-4773.  

Heather – Singer Songwriter – Artist | Artist Headshot Photographer

Meet Heather.  She is an amazingly talented musician, singer and songwriter.  She recently came to us to update her portfolio for the commercial world.  Doing commercial headshots is so much fun with musicians.  Generally they have a good sense of who they are or who they want to be, so it makes our job easy.  […]

Concert Shoot at The Norva – Audiostrobelight & Kaboom Box

Something new and different for a Friday post!  We don’t do many concert shoots but I must say it is a bucket load of fun to do!  We got some shots of Audiostrobelight and Kaboom Box doing their thing along with Stage Right Lighting lighting up The Norva.  Concert shoots are a whole different animal […]

Musician Portfolio Shoot – Shannon!

Shannon sings. Shannon dances. Shannon plays. I shoot. What a fine combination. I get to photograph a most awesome singer/songwriter and she gets to look good and have fun doing it! We had a fab time putting together a few shots for her upcoming CD and portfolio. I kinda like it. You? Watch out world […]

Band Photoshoot – The Difference

We are always on the lookout for up and coming artists so we can create some unique photographs for their CD’s and portfolio. “The Difference” is certainly one of those groups! They just returned from Nashville where they were recording their latest album. These guys not only look good but they are just as genuine […]