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    Online Photography Webinar – The Joy of Marketing

    For those of you looking into the crazy world of Senior High School photography we have just the tool for you!  We are participating in a webinar that you can listen to and get the scoop on what it takes to make it in this biz.  It was fun to record this event along with some of the most renown photographers from around the nation!  Best of all… It’s free 🙂

    First of all, you have to check out Scott and my senior pics on this event.  I assure you personally that it will offer you some comic relief for your hectic day! Boy, have senior portraits changed over the years.

    We believe you can grow your piece of the high school senior pie or even just grab a small slice with all you’ll learn at The High School Senior How To Free online event at The Joy of Marketing

    We are excited to be a part of this one-of-a-kind event and it’s Free for you to attend thanks to The Joy of Marketing.
    Here are some of the topics that will be discussed at the event
    Create a boutique senior business from scratch!
    Go from 0-100 seniors in 2 years.
    Market to 3 generations at 1 sale.
    Grow a great senior business.
    Be “it” In your market.
    Make money with the senior experience.
    Put on a fashion show for your studio.
    Use senior trends to set yourself apart and make more money.
    Get what YOU want from your senior market.
    Create the ultimate senior business model.
    How to use senior spirit sessions to rock the senior marketplace.
    How to create a boutique senior business from scratch!

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    10.10.10! Sales Summit for Photographers

    Ten Leading Photographers.
    Ten Sales Strategies.
    Ten Money Making Products.

    Not sure how we got thrown in the mix with these guys but we are honored to be speaking in an online summit with the likes of – Kubota, Woods, Bianchi, Claire, Puc, Petty, Bondurant, Nichols, Walden and of course us!  It is just a few weeks away so put it on your calendar!  A FREE summit with a few of the nations best photographers and most importantly in this case – some the best sales people in the industry.    So many photographers struggle with the sales portion of their business since we tend to be all wrapped up in the creative side of life.  Now it’s time to get your sales house in order and grab a cup o’ joe and listen to the free summit presented by The Joy of Marketing on October 10, 2010.

    Heck, even if you don’t think you need help with your sales strategies just tune in and get a chuckle as Adina & I fumble over our words! Learn a little bit about what we do behind the scenes of our business.  We think you will get a kick out of it either way!


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    We are in American Photo Magazine!

    Hey, get outta bed and head for the bookstore! We’re in the American Photo magazine – how cool is that? American Photo seeks out the cutting edge trends and photography that inspires us all. We are so honored to have the centerfold of their senior photography article, “Coming of Age”. Chris & Tammy Billey of Largo photography and Huy Ngyuen from f8 studio contributed a well so we are in great company! We’ve been published before in many magazines but American Photo? C’mon, that just blows my mind. Wait, I’ve gotta go look at it again. Yup, still there….thought I was dreaming for a sec. It’s never good to blog about a dream. Whew!

    Here’s a few shots –

    american photo magazine reading

    American Photo Magazine article senior coming of age

    American Photo Magazine article senior coming of age 2

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    Professional Photographer Magazine

    It’s always awesome to see your images in print but to get them in one of the premier photography magazines in the nation is…quite frankly mind numbing. We can’t quite get our head wrapped around the whole idea but we ain’t complainin’! It’s such an exciting and hectic time for us and I just had to stop and say a big thanks to everyone who encourages us and inspires us to do what we do. It’s what keeps us going! We’ve also been doing some interviews and webcasts recently. Here’s a peek into our short but exciting story and a few of our images from the Professional Photographers magazine (you can click the image to expand and read our articles):

    WPPI Radio interview

    More Photos Radio interview

    professional photographer magazine contents page image

    professional photographer magazine bride groom aruba

    professional photographer magazine kiss battleship senior cowboy hat

    hhcolorlab advertising professional photographer magazine