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Are you looking for someone to take care of your product photography?  If so, please contact us! Every craftsman deserves great product photography that shows off their work.  Many hours go into producing a product that is worthy of selling. Without good unique product photography your buyers may no see it as you intended. This custom bike is a great example of how to showcase your product to the world. Product Photography This custom bicycle came to our studio where we photographed a few shots indoors and out. We started with some full-length images to show the sweeping lines and cool paint job. Here’s a Product Photography tip: It is always important to let the viewers understand what you are photographing first before doing close-ups.   Product Photography Location Shooting Our setting for our product photography shoot was an urban grunge scene that fit well with the bike’s looks. A studio set allows us to photograph products in controlled light. This is especially important when photographing the products texture and color.  Detail Photos Product photography must always includes details of the product.  The springs on the front forks and the cool treads on the tires are captured using close-up lenses. Details can be easily missed if the photographer does not examine the product closely for unique features. On Location Product Session Shooting outdoors fit this product well where it fits into the environment perfectly.  Using reference items to allow the viewer to understand the size of the item is important. For this product photography shoot we used a pair of legs to accomplish this. A variety of lenses were used since the bike had details that were important but the overall look was equally important. A telephoto lens was perfect for the outdoor shots.  A wide angle lens showed off the sweeping lines of the bike’s frame. A macro lens should be in the bag of every product photographer to get those details. Unique product photography is key to getting viewers to understand your product.  You can see more of our product photography example here. If you have any questions or would like to reserve your date contact us today! If you are interested in viewing more of our commercial photography check out our portfolio.  

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Product photography

If you need commercial or product photography, please contact us Product Photography | NOFO Soaps Are you looking to for a photographer handle your product photography? Contact us today. NOFO soaps is an amazing product. When someone creates an amazing product you need amazing product photography to show it off. When you are selling your products having great photos is critical. In a world of internet sales, photos that make your product stand out in the market can make a huge difference in your bottom line. With product photography we try to make the viewer experience everything about the product. Having props to incorporate with the product helps bring the product to life. These images show the technique of incorporating props with the product photography.It is our job as a product photographer to help the viewer use their senses to experience the specific product. These bars of soap have a coffee fragrance. You can see how we added coffee grounds to the scene so that the viewer can imagine the smell of these beautiful bars of soap. Also, by using a macro lens we are able to show off the detail of the product. If you look closely you will see the coffee grounds embedded in the bar of soap. Can you smell this soap? Here is another photo that we incorporated the glass with the bar of soap. We wanted to viewer to understand the base for this bar of soap. A local brewery, O’Conner Brewing donates their ale to NOFO soap to make this special line of soap. Last we set up this Shaving Bar Soap. What better way to show off the product then with a Boston Terrier endorsing it. We ended our photo shoot with a quick head shot with the creator of NOFO Soaps. When you are a creator of such a great product, you not only need great product photography, but a great head shot photographer!   Take a moment and view our commercial portfolio. If you are interested in our product photography, please contact us today! !