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    Norfolk Family Portrait Photographer | The Koelling Family

    Norfolk Family Portrait Photographer

    Are you looking for a Norfolk family portrait photographer? We are family portrait photographers in Virginia as well as destination portrait photographers.

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    Outdoor Family Portrait

    You can read more about our family portrait sessions here.

    Outdoor Family Portraits

    The holidays are a great time when family gathers together. That sometimes is the best time to schedule your family portrait session. For some families, their children are spread out all over the country and sometimes in different countries. That was the case for this beautiful family. Christmas was going to be exciting as they were all going to be together to celebrate.

    The Koelling family knew the importance of a family portrait. Gathering your family becomes increasingly more difficult as everyone grows up and starts their own career. Family portrait sessions become more and more sparse and therefore, more and more important. When was the last time that you scheduled a professional family portrait session?

    We love outdoor family photo sessions. We also love to incorporate the elements and structures of the area where we are photographing. When choosing where to have your family portrait session it is important to look at many elements.

    1. What will my backdrop be?

    2. Is there color, for contrast?

    3. What time of the day will be the best light?

    4. Which direction will the sun be setting?

    These are just a few questions to ask yourself.

    All of these questions, along with many other elements create a great family portrait.

    Beautiful Sibling Portrait
    Cool Family Portrait


    Poses and Groupings for a Family Portrait Session

    For all of our family portrait sessions we shoot a variety of poses and a variety of groupings. It is important that we capture all these different elements for our families. We always start with the full family portraits. This way, if there are young children, we make sure that we get a good solid portrait before the children lose interest.

    For the Koelling Family we wanted to make sure that we got the all girls and the all guys portrait.

    Mom with Daughters Portrait
    Dad and Son’s Portrait

    Then adding a more causal variation is always fun.

    Mom with Daughters – Casual Portrait


    Individual Portraits

    We then move on to individual portraits. Who wouldn’t want a great portrait of every person in their family?

    (click on an image to enlarge)


    One of the children are married in their family, so of course, taking a couple’s portrait is important.

    Couple’s Portrait

     Portraits of Mom and Dad

    As a photographer we never forget how important it is to capture great photos of mom and dad. Through out history mom and dad are always stuck behind the lens. When we talk a few moments to steal them away for a few photos, it is never regretted. Also, what child wouldn’t appreciate a great portrait of their mom and dad?

    Beautiful Mom & Dad Portrait
    Beautiful Photo of Mom & Dad

    (click on an image to enlarge)

    If you are ready to schedule your family portrait session, contact us today!

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    Norfolk Family Photographer

    Norfolk Family Photographer

    Are you looking for a Norfolk family photographer? Contact us today! We also are Virginia Beach family photographers as well as Virginia family photographers.

    Family Portrait

    Family Portraits

    Family portraits are important to document the life of your family. When you have children they seem to drastically change every year. This is why it is important to document every stage of their lives and every year of their lives. The fall is the perfect time to schedule your family portraits. The fall creates such a gorgeous backdrop for your outdoor family photo session. The fall colors are striking and add interest to family photos.

    Norfolk Family Photo in the Historic District of Norfolk

    It is also a great time to purchase your family portraits as a Christmas gifts. People love the gift of a great portrait.

    On Location Family Portraits

    We offer family portraits in our studio that is located in the historic district of Norfolk, but we also offer on location family portraits. As a Norfolk family photographer, we have so many great outdoor locations to choose from. We are never short of ideas for the perfect photographic background.

    For this family portrait photography session we started right outside of our downtown studio. We used a vintage settee on our cobblestone streets to set the tone for a beautiful family picture. We love to incorporate interesting props that also help with family portrait posing.

    After capturing beautiful posed family portraits, we love to capture some candid family photos.

    (click on an image to enlarge)


    We then headed to the beautiful gardens located just 2 blocks from our studio.

    Park Family Portrait

    (click on an image to enlarge)

    Norfolk Family Picture in the Park

    Beach Family Portraits

    What better way to end a beautiful family portrait session then at one of our gorgeous beaches! When we create beautiful beach portraits we have to make sure to choose the right time of the day. Sunset is the best time to schedule your family portrait session at the beach. We want to have the best light available and the best skies available.

    Beach Sunset Family Photo
    Beach Sunset Family Portrait
    Beach Family Portrait

    Pet Photography

    As with any family, we always encourage families to bring their four legged children. At this family portrait session they weren’t sure how Winston would do. He is a gorgeous Vizsla. He was only a few weeks old so they were worried. Would he sit still? Would things be chaotic? Would we ever be able to capture a good picture of their beautiful family pet?

    I think when you see this picture, you will agree…we did it!

    Beach Family Picture

    After we finished our family portrait session we wanted to capture some pet portraits of Winston. Check out a few of our favorites.

    Pet Photo
    Pet Portrait
    Dog Photo

    (click on image to enlarge)

    It’s not too late to schedule your fall or holiday family portrait session. Contact us today to schedule your session!