• Falling Water Wedding
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    Fallingwater Wedding

    Fallingwater Wedding – Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Home

    Sometimes you just get lucky and land a gorgeous Fallingwater Wedding. Meet Lindsey and Seth. This is a story about boy grows up with girl. Boy and girl go separate ways. Boy and girl reunite after troubled relationships, then boy marries girl and they live happily ever after.Fallingwater Wedding

    Bride and Groom Embrace with Fallingwater in the Background

    Weddings are sometimes a challenge when you are traveling to photograph in a place that you have never seen before. There are so many factors that can affect your photographic outcome. Where is the sun during certain hours of the day? When is sunset in the area that you are photographing? Where will we find the “perfect” photographic backdrops and angles on a property we have never experienced? What will the couple be like if you have never met them before?

    All the questions come to mind, however with Seth and Lindsay, there were no hesitations or worries. They were a stunning bride and groom. They chose an incredible location. They are in love. That photographically knocks it out of the park!

    Fallingwater Barn

    When you have a wedding at Fallingwater, they have a barn and farmhouse available for getting ready, the wedding ceremony and the reception. The property was gorgeous and surrounded by lovely gardens.

    Groom in the gardens around Falling Water Barn
    Groom in the gardens around Fallingwater Barn

    Bride on Porch of the Falling Water Farmhouse

    Bride on Porch of the Fallingwater Farmhouse

    There were endless opportunities for gorgeous wedding photographs.

    I love these shots of their recessional from there quaint wedding ceremony. The ceremony was attended by family and loved ones and officiated by the groom’s brother. How much more love do you need?

    Bride and Groom Recessional at Barn Wedding at Falling Water
    Bride and Groom Recessional at Barn Wedding at Fallingwater
    Bride and Groom Kiss During Recessional at Falling Water Barn Wedding
    Bride and Groom Kiss During Recessional at Fallingwater Barn Wedding

    Fallingwater Wedding Portraits

    One of the perks and one of the obvious reasons to have a Falling Water wedding is Falling Water. What a stunning property. Frank Lloyd Wright was an incredible architect. He was so far ahead of his time in design. Falling Water has now been entrusted to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, the watch and care of the property is second to none. They have kept the property in pristine condition to be enjoyed by all.

    Bride on the Bridge at Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water
    Bride on the Bridge at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater
    Bride and Groom on the Terrace at Falling Water
    Bride and Groom on the Terrace at Fallingwater
    Stunning Bride in the Gardens of Falling Water
    Stunning Bride in the Gardens of Fallingwater
    Love on the Terrace of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water
    Love on the Terrace of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater
    Bride and Groom Kiss Overlooking Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
    Bride and Groom Kiss Overlooking Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright

    The fact that we get to photograph a stunning bride and groom, at a stunning property, put our day over the top.


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    Star Wars Wedding

    Star Wars Wedding

    Sometimes as a wedding photographer you get to photograph a wedding outside the box. How about a Star Wars wedding? How about a Star Wars Wedding on the release date of the movie? It would also take place in a movie theater at the stroke of midnight. This would also be a night that immediately following the wedding ceremony, the wedding guests would partake in the viewing of The Force Awakens. That is the story line for Michelle and Chuck’s wedding day. Here is one image that sums it up. I’d say it was quite epic!

    star wars wedding
    Stars Wars Wedding Bride and Groom

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    Wedding Photography for a Thematic Wedding

    As a wedding photographer, we are always prepared for almost anything. When we were hired by Michelle and Chuck to photograph their thematic wedding we weren’t exactly sure what type of images we would capture. We knew we would face serious restrictions because their wedding would take place at a movie theater. When you are photographing in a public place there are many restrictions that can apply. Many times we are working with the management with the venue. In this case, we went a step further and had to work with the local police force. If it were not for the help of the local officers we would not have been able to capture the outdoor wedding shots. We want to give a BIG shout out to the security team that was present.

    We knew some of the details of the wedding prior to our arrival. We knew that we would we photographing in the theater and hopefully outside the theater. We knew that there would be no natural light since the wedding ceremony was at midnight. We knew that the bride and groom would be dressed as Princess Leia and Han Solo. We also knew that the wedding guests would be dressed in costume.

    To prepare for the evening we wanted to think through some iconic Star Wars posing. We also knew that we would need various sources of photographic lighting to accomplish our creative goals. We were also prepared to have a thematic background with photographic lighting to capture the wedding guests. With all that in mind we prepared for a night of fun that would not disappoint.

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    Star Wars Wedding Bride & Groom
    Star Wars Wedding Guests
    Star Wars Wedding Bride with Darth Vader
    Star Wars Wedding
    Wedding Guests
    Star Wars Wedding Fun
    Star Wars Wedding Guests in Costume
    Star Wars Sith
    Star Wars Bride & Groom
    Star Wars Wedding Groom & Chewy

    You can read more about planning your own stylized shoot here.

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    San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer | Sara and Rich

    San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

    Are you getting married in the San Francisco Bay area? If so we would love to be your wedding photographer. Contact us today for more information regarding our photography services.

    Bride and Groom in Tunnel
    Groom & Groomsmen
    Wedding Rings

     Wedding Gown: GiGi’s Bridal.

    Floral Design: A Love’s in Bloom.

    Cake Artist: Primrose Bakery

    Venue: The Bridges Golf Club

    Film Team: Imaginem Productions

    Wedding Photography

    Great wedding photography starts with a great couple. I think that you will agree that Sara and Rich help check that off the list. Next would be a great location. Then it would be stunning wedding couture. Then last would be amazing wedding details.

    We began our busy day of photographing at the hotel. Wedding preparation photos are important to create a full story of our client’s wedding day. We love to capture the behind the scenes excitement on a wedding day. The wedding details are equally important to photograph. We love to capture them in a creative way. The wedding gown, the shoes, the gifts all need to be recorded in history. In 20 years, you can quickly forget the fine details and as wedding photographers it is our job to capture those details beautifully.

    Gorgeous Wedding Gown

    (click on image to enlarge)

    Mom Helping Bride Put in Veil

    (click on image to enlarge)

    Wedding First Look Photos

    Who doesn’t love a wedding first look? The wedding day is so full of emotion with so much excitement that a first look is exactly what the doctor ordered. At all the first looks that we have photographed, there has never been a time that our bride and groom regretted seeing each other before the wedding ceremony. In fact, they are thankful.

    Once a bride and groom see each other for the first time on a wedding day it calms them. It is a time that they get to relax and just enjoy each other and all of the wedding day excitement, privately.

    First Look
    Wedding First Look
    Wedding Day First Look

    Bride and Groom Photos

    After Sara and Rich had their first look, we went straight into their bride and groom photo time. We love when we have quality time with our bride and groom on their wedding day. We are able to capture some amazing images when there is a set time that they spend with us. As photographers we get really excited about a well planned wedding day timeline. Sara and Rich had just that.

    The wedding venue was so incredibly gorgeous that it did not lack picturesque areas for photos. The Bridges Golf Club has rolling hills, a beautiful landscape and breathtaking views. Put that all together with a gorgeous bride and groom and you have the perfect formula to awesome wedding photography.

    Bride and Groom on Bridge
    Bride’s Veil Blowing in Breeze
    Bride and Groom in Tunnel
    Bride and Groom Under Veil
    Bride and Groom on the Golf Green
    Beautiful Portrait of the Bride and Groom
    Bride and Groom Silhouette
    Bride in Tunnel at Two Bridges Golf Club
    Bride and Groom

    Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception Photography

    The weather in San Francisco had been a bit breezy. In fact it had been so windy there were some doubts that the wedding ceremony would be able to be held outside. We were thrilled when it was decided that the weather was going to cooperate. The wedding ceremony could go on as planned. A sunset wedding ceremony, overlooking the California landscape.

    Brides Processional
    Brides Processional with Mom and Dad

    (click on image to enlarge)

    New Year’s Eve Wedding Reception

    What better party day and night to have a wedding then New Year’s Eve! It is a mandatory party day. What a great way to celebrate with party hats, sparklers and more.


    Sparkler Exit

    (click on image to enlarge)

    If you are planning a New Year’s Eve wedding, here is a resource that may help. I found this article by the Huffington Post. I thought it was fitting. 10 Reasons You Should Consider a New Year’s Eve Wedding.

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    San Francisco Engagement Session | Sara & Rich

    San Francisco Engagement Session

    Are you recently engagement and looking for a photographer for your San Francisco engagement pictures? Contact us today for more details.

    San Francisco Engagement Session

    Want to see more of our engagement photos?

    Engagement Sessions

    Ah…who doesn’t love a beautiful engagement session. For us, there is nothing more beautiful then photographing two people in love.

    We had a great time with Sara and Rich on their engagement photo shoot. We were lucky that those chose us to photograph both their engagement session and their wedding. Both their engagement session and wedding were in San Francisco. We had never met Sara and Rich until our plane landed and we met up at Baker Beach. Baker Beach is such a gorgeous place to photograph. The setting couldn’t be more gorgeous. On a clear or nearly clear day there is a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge. What could be more iconic to San Francisco then that? We learned about the Baker Beach Golden Gate Bridge perspective while shooting a maternity session there last year. You can view that here. The big contrast between these two photo sessions on Baker Beach was the fog. For Sara and Rich we had a “Chamber of Commerce” type of day, or in other words, perfect. For our maternity session, it was a typical San Francisco foggy day, however, still beautiful in it’s own right.

    We have such amazing clients. Not only do we only have gorgeous clients, but they are willing to do anything for a great engagement picture! At moments on their session the air became quite breezy and brisk. There were no complaints from the stunningly dressed Sara in her gorgeous dress. Then there was also the hiking up the weather worn, out of level, rocks we trekked to capture the crashing of the San Francisco Bay. Still no complaints from Sara and Rich.

    Engagement Session at Baker Beach
    Engagement Picture
    Waves Crashing on Baker Beach
    Golden Gate Bridge Engagement Session


    Outdoor Engagement Photos

    We love our outdoor engagement sessions. We love photographing beautiful people in beautiful locations. Scott comes from a landscape photography background. Now that you know that, looking at his images, I think that it will be an ah ha moment for you. We often incorporate the landscape into our images. It gives the viewer a since of where they were, and also the subject, or client, can recall many details that may have been missed during the photo shoot. These things may be how green the grass was, the rustling in the branches or the waves crashing on the shore. Sometimes it’s difficult for the subject to remember all of that. When we shoot with this perspective, it brings back all those wonderful details of the area where their photo shoot took place.

    Beautiful Sunset Engagement Picture
    Outdoor Engagement Picture
    Engagement Session
    Romantic Engagement Picture

    If you are a photographer and you see some poses that you like, you may be interested in our Couples Posing Guide. Sara and Rich were great subjects and posed well on their own, however, it is great to always have a reference when you need one!

    Here are some more of our favorite engagement session photos.

    (click on an image to enlarge)


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