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Commercial Composite Photography | Green Screen Photography

Commercial Composite Photography

Are you looking for green screen photography? Maybe you are looking for commercial composite photography.

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Commercial Composite Photography

Composite photography is the art of taking multiple photos of individuals or elements and then layering them into one digital photo.

This image above is an example of a digital composite. This would be referred to as our green screen photography services.

On a commercial photo shoot, we spend a lot of time photographing each individual. We photograph them in several different poses and expressions. This allows us options on our final digital composite image.

Each of our subjects are photographed on a green screen or white screen. This is so we can extract them from the background. Digital extracting is a tedious and meticulous process. Once our extractions are complete we begin our art work designing in Photoshop.

For this commercial photography session they wanted a group image as well as individual images for their website and marketing.

For this particular commercial shoot we decided to use our white screen set up, instead of our green screen set up.

Here is an example of an individual image.

Commercial Photography

This is the result in extracting the subject in Photoshop then dropping them into a background of choice.

Commercial Composite Photography

Here is an example of an alternate background.

Commercial Composite Photo

Using the composite photo technique, we can basically take a commercial company anywhere. The company can be or look however they would like, all while being shot in one studio set up.

Here is another example of individual subject.

Commercial Photo
Green Screen Commercial Photography

We have access to a multitude of backgrounds. We consult with our commercial accounts and find out what type of setting they are looking for. We then present a number of backgrounds to choose from.

In some cases, we have to go out and photograph new digital backgrounds. Here is an example of some digital backgrounds that we photographed for this commercial photography account.

Commercial Photograph Backgrounds
Commercial Photography Background

We then present them by dropping a subject in the background. This helps the client visualize the final product. From there they choose their favorite backgrounds.

Commercial Composite


Here is more information on how we create our digital composites.

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