Wall Sizing Charts

Upsales are an important part of any photography business. Providing your clients with images that "wow" their friends and family is the first step. But, you also want to provide them with suggestions on the best size images to purchase in order to complement their beautiful family or wedding photography album.

Wall Sizing Charts

Wall Sizing Charts
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Benefits of Wall Sizing Charts

Many clients are faced with the common problem of deciding how large of a portrait to order. Often, the size portrait clients originally think they should order is too small!

Wall sizing charts enable your clients to easily determine the print size they need for their wall space. When this is printed out, it folds open to a 24×30 size. Various sizes are diagramed on the form for the client to easily fold to the size desired. When clients see how small an 8×10 images actually is, they often go for much larger sizes.

As an additional upscale tool, the wall sizing charts comes with printed with a friendly reminder list of whom they should be purchasing prints for. 

The small investment of $39 could easily pay for itself with one use.

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