5 “Must Know” Tips for Better Photography

Every professional photographer has a few photography tricks and tips up his or her sleeve. These are the “must haves” tips for better photography. They can change your skill level in a matter of one photo shoot!

Yes, one photo shoot can change everything. Here’s how:

Photo Composition Tip

Choose your background wisely. An interesting yet non-distracting background can make or break a perfect photograph. Sometimes we get tunnel vision and forget that the majority of the picture is usually the background!

Your background should be a complementing color but not match the subject. Texture and depth in the background always adds interest.

Do not place your subject directly against the background unless you want that “always appealing” police line-up type of shot!

More Photo Composition Tips

There are many ways to improve your images but there is no cheaper way to do it than changing your composition – it’s totally free!

Add and depth and interest to your photography by layering your image. This can be accomplished by simply moving yourself or your subject just a few feet apart.

Use layers in your composition so that there are three elements: a foreground, middle ground, and background.  Place items in the foreground out of focus. Focus sharply on your subject. Finally place your background out of focus. This 3-prong approach adds a pleasing composition to your shots.

Layering elements in your photograph guides the viewer to the what you want them to look at – your subject.

Outdoor Lighting Tip:

It’s always important to light your subject in the most flattering way possible and there is one simple tip that will help your shots come out well lit every time.

Keep the light source over your shoulder!  That’s it!  I see so many images that are side lit or backlit where the subject is so poorly lit that you miss their expression. Poor lighting also washes out colors leaving your image looking drab.  Now, go out there and put that light behind you….not them!

Photo Editing Tips:

Have your editing process in mind when you are shooting.  This will help you recognize how you are going to edit the shot as soon as you see it.

Editing your images should be a fun and creative process.  If you are dreading the editing process, you can fix that by culling through your images with a critical eye. Try not to take multiple shots of the same pose.  Comparing images that are alike can be mind numbing and really slow you down.

Use a program like Adobe Lightroom to look closely at your images to ensure you are not editing an out of focus picture.  Zoom in and look closely BEFORE you spend the time editing!

Photo Equipment Tips

I have seen many photographers wonder what to do with the silly lens hood that came with your lens. That lens hood is always on my lenses.  It doesn’t affect your shot other than preventing stray light from entering your lens.

The real reason I keep it on is to protect the front of your lens.  It is very difficult for something to scratch your lens with it on.  You can always put a filter on the front of your lens but that decreases the sharpness & color of your shots.  Keep that hood on and protect your glass!

More Tips for Better Photography!

There are many ways to learn photography and improve your skills. At Hayne Photographers, we are professional photographers and photography instructors. We teach workshops throughout the US and also offer digital photography courses that you can purchase and download instantly.

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